List of Best Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms to Buy in 2024

So, how could you save yourself and your loved ones against the potential hazards of CO poisoning then?

Well, the best defense against the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning is the installation of CO Alarms at your home.

The main benefit of such devices is that they alert you as soon as any carbon monoxide is detected inside their range so that necessary action can be taken to avoid serious damage.

It gets even more dangerous when such lethal gases are present in confined areas therefore, it is always advised that carbon monoxide detectors or alarms should be installed in those spaces on a priority basis.

It is important to install these Alarms close enough to the bedrooms so that the alarms can be easily heard whenever carbon monoxide is already in the air.

Now that you know how important it is to have CO detectors installed at your place, what about buying one? Well, there are different types of carbon monoxide detectors and alarms available in the market nowadays and you can choose one depending on your preference and budget.

However, some products are manufactured better than the others and it is important that you choose the best out there. If you’re looking for recommendations, here is the list of some of the best carbon monoxide detectors and alarms that you should go for:

01. Kidde Nighthawk AC/DC CO Alarm with a Digital Display

To protect you and your family against the ill effects of carbon monoxide, Kidde KN-COPP-3 is AC powered and plug-in CO alarm that uses unparalleled sensor technology and sophisticated electronics inside.

In case of power outages and other similar emergencies, this CO alarm never lets you down as it includes a 9v battery for undisrupted backup to ensure continuous monitoring of the carbon monoxide levels.

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This Kidde carbon monoxide Alarm also provides you with different mounting options like a 6’ power cord, direct plug, and a table top.

The product also features a peak level display which provides storage of measured data and detects carbon monoxide level at a minimum of 11PPM and a maximum of 999PPM.

You will get updated data on the levels of carbon monoxide in the air with the device’s clear digital display that updates every 15 seconds.

Do not worry about malfunction because this Kidde carbon monoxide Alarm has an LED blinking dot which denotes a normal operation.

You can easily find it at the lower right-hand corner. It also features the test/reset button that allows for testing the electronics and the alarm.

The same button can be used for resetting it as well. Another interesting feature of this device is the 85 decibel sound which produces a loud alarm when the carbon monoxide content in your home’s atmosphere reaches a dangerous level.

  • Easy to install in any of those AC outlets on the walls
  • Extra-Sensitive Protection
  • Quality sensor technology and sophisticated electronics
  • Convenience in providing different mounting options
  • Uninterrupted monitoring of CO level using 9v battery backup
  • 10 year limited warranty
  • The battery back-up easily drains
  • Beeping sound is too loud even without power
  • Nuisance alarm when the battery gets low


02. First Alert Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm

To efficiently protect your home, the First Alert Hardwired Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector features electrochemical CO sensing technology to sense carbon monoxide while there is an ionization sensor for smoke detection.

This model offers an excellent 2 in 1 alarm which means that smoke and carbon monoxide can be detected using a single device. Apart from a hardwired design, it has a 9v battery backup to monitor carbon monoxide levels even during power failures.

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The alarm system can be easily connected to compatible First Alert alarms or BRK within a single home to ensure all alarms will sound together when there is a threat.

Upon detection of smoke or carbon monoxide, an 85-decibel siren can be heard clear and loud to warn everyone. Apart from the siren produced, this device comes equipped with indicator lights to indicate once smoke or carbon monoxide is detected.

You will also be prompted to replace the unit when the device has reached its lifespan through the end-of-life signal. For easy maintenance, the battery can easily be replaced through the side-load battery compartment.

Overall, it makes for a decent CO detector and does what it is known to do best. It will make sure that any kind of emergencies are well taken care of and no damage is caused.

  • Combination alarm detects smoke and carbon monoxide using CO sensing technology and ionization sensor
  • Greater coverage because the device can be connected to other compatible BRK or First Alert alarms – up to 18 devices at a time
  •  Quick and easy to install using a universal mounting bracket
  •  Undisrupted CO level monitoring even with power failures using the 9v battery backup
  •  7 year limited warranty
  •  Creates false alarms
  •  The carbon monoxide detector is overly sensitive


03. Travel CO Detector by FORENSICS

Are you looking for a device to enjoy a safe travel and camping experience while making sure the hazardous carbon monoxide may not affect you? This harmful gas is not only present in the confines of your home but could also exist just about anywhere.

For maximum protection, this Travel CO Alarm from Forensics is designed with exceptional Japanese sensor technology and California’s smart detection algorithms.

While you are traveling, take this small and stylish carbon monoxide Alarm along and it will help ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe from all the hazards of excessive CO in the surroundings.

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The portable and lightweight design of this device allows you to conveniently carry it while you are traveling.

It is quite simple and easy to use as you will just have to turn it on and it will provide you with all the protection you need.

One single button makes it convenient for everyone to operate. The device comes equipped with LED and sound features that alert you through flashing of red LED and 85-decibel alarm when carbon monoxide is detected in the surroundings.

You will be prompted with its fast alarm which alerts at 9ppm every 60 seconds while the buzzer and red LED alarms are triggered at 9ppm/25ppm. The alarm system is powered by 2 CR2 batteries.

So, it really is an effective tool to have up your arsenal as you travel cross-country or just about everywhere else. It will make your camping trips safe as well.

  •  Elegant aluminum design and chic metal finish
  •  Convenient to use with one-button operation
  •  Fast and early CO detection using 9ppm alarm system
  •  Immediate alerts using audible buzzer at 25ppm and red LED at 9ppm
  •  Lightweight, small and portable making it ideal for travel, camping or hotels use
  •  Manual comes with clear English instructions
  •  Comes with only 1 year limited warranty
  •  Low battery life span which requires you to replace it every now and then


04. Lisnec Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice Warning and Digital Display

Providing you and your family with a complete sense of safety and peace of mind, this CO Alarm is specifically designed with electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor.

This particular sensor is actually what enables this tool to alert you whenever hazardous levels of carbon monoxide are detected in the surroundings.

This CO Alarm is designed with a cool and sophisticated look making it elegant to place anywhere you go be it your home or office. You can even carry it along during travel as well.

With its 85-decibel alarm, anyone can be alerted if the carbon monoxide level is accelerated to a dangerous extent. It only weighs 10.6 ounces which, obviously, makes it conveniently light and portable.

The device’s carbon monoxide concentration display provides a clear digital display of carbon monoxide levels in the surroundings. Besides, the concentration level is also monitored by the Sunnec carbon monoxide alarm so that it can alert you at any time.

The tool comes without any extra battery chargers and operates on 3×1.5v AAA batteries. Likewise, you will be given a hint whenever the power becomes insufficient.

With only a few cons and many more pros on the list, it is worth investing your money in. The best part is that it delivers everything it claims to offer.

  • Sophisticated design
  • Convenient to carry anywhere and easy to use
  • Excellent technology that uses electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor
  • Co Concentration display for showing CO levels being sensed
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Power efficient tool that operates through 3×1.5v AAA batteries
  • No other mounting option
  • Less durable


05. Vitowell 2 Pack Travel Portable Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This cool product from Contast is built with smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and aims at minimizing the occurrence of those annoying false alarms.

The smoke can easily be detected with the device’s photoelectric sensor while the carbon monoxide level in the surroundings is sensed using the electrochemical CO sensor.

One user-friendly feature of this device is that it can easily be installed without the help of an electrician. In addition, there is a single button that helps you to silence those false alerts and test the device for proper functioning at any time.

Compared to any other CO Alarm out there in the market, this one operates on varying frequencies which is very helpful for the elderly and those with hearing issues.

The loud 85-decibel siren makes sure that everyone is alerted whenever carbon monoxide levels climb up to pose serious threats.

The unit is powered by a couple of 9v AA batteries and you will be signaled with a chirping sound and indicator light if the batteries need to be replaced. It also gives you an easy way to mount the device on walls or ceiling.

Using the detector’s advanced technology, the existence of carbon monoxide is sensed early particularly when it leaks from various sources such as running generators, blocked chimneys or faulty burning appliances.

Sensitive detection is maximized while minimizing those false alarms such as from shower steam or cooking smoke. Overall, it’s effective and it’s reliable.

  • Convenient and quick installation
  • Sensitive detection using electrochemical CO sensor and photoelectric sensor to sense smoke
  • Battery operated for uninterrupted CO monitoring
  • Easy mounting process
  • Varying frequency alarm sounds ideal for elderly and those with hearing impairment issues
  • Frequent requirement for battery replacement
  • Doesn’t have an LCD display to easily see the CO level


06. USI Electric MICN109 Hardwired 3-in-1 Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Natural Gas Alarm

What else would you want when a single device is providing you three-fold protection against carbon monoxide, smoke, and natural gas? Yes, that’s exactly what you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

This CO Alarm from Universal Security Instruments is a hardwired tool that works fine on a 120v AC/DC supply and comes with a backup battery as well to give you no worries even during power blackouts.

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To be able to deliver more reliable CO detection, this device is built with microprocessor software that can distinguish real fire and help avoid false alarms completely. Therefore, steamy showers and cooking smoke will no longer create nuisance alarms and you will be more at mind’s peace.

It bears 4 LEDs that indicate power and 3 types of detection: carbon monoxide, gas and smoke. This device can be interconnected to a maximum of 24 other compatible devices such as heat detectors, CO alarms or relays.

When one alarm is being activated, all other alarms will sound and give you enough time to take all the precautionary measures.

Because this device has exceeded industry standards, it has managed to earn UL recognition as well. To guarantee quality, this CO Alarm from USI is covered by a 7-year limited warranty.

Included in its easy to use features are the quick activation pull tab and a front-loading battery drawer where you can replace the battery even without removing the already mounted alarm. So, it’s handy and it’s quite reliable.

  • Designed with microprocessor software for reliable CO detection
  • 3-in-1 protection from dangers of carbon monoxide, smoke and natural gas
  • Interconnectivity up to 24 other compatible devices
  • Hardwired with a battery backup
  • UL certified and meets standards 2034 and 1484
  • Complicated wirings makes a difficult overall experience
  • Requires an electrician for wirings and interconnectivity


07. Alert Plus Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector with Digital LCD Display and Voice Warning

Affordability and reliability are some of the best features built into this detector. It is designed with a two-fold carbon monoxide alarm warning i.e. sound and light components to alert you of CO existence and safe level breaches.

When the level of carbon monoxide surpasses the safety threshold, the detector flashes a red LED while beeping with a very loud and clear 85 decibel sound.

It only requires a simple installation with only drilling 2 screws and then twisting the monitor. After that, you only have to press the button and you’re good to experience its efficiency in CO detection.

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You can mount this CO detector just higher above your waistline in comparison to a typical smoke detector that requires to be mounted on high walls or ceiling.

In addition, this one is very lightweight and less costly compared to other detectors on market that advertise the same features. So, you should definitely go for this one.

This CO Alarm from Alert Plus works on 3×1.5v AA batteries providing you a stress-free solution to CO detection during power outage. You will hear your carbon monoxide Alarm beeping as it warns you when it’s getting low on battery so that you can go for a timely replacement.

It also has an LCD display showing you a clear level of carbon monoxide concentration around you. Depending on the level of CO being detected, this device will alarm within 60-90 minutes for 50ppm, within 10-40 minutes for 100ppm and within 3 minutes for 300ppm.

  • Lightweight and unobtrusive
  • Reasonable price
  • Battery operated
  • Clear LCD display and loud alarm
  • Voice Warning
  • Simple installation
  • Screws are not durable for mounting
  •  The beeping sound is not loud enough even with new batteries




How many carbon monoxide detectors are needed in a house?

It is normally recommended that each floor should have carbon monoxide detectors. Besides, they should necessarily be installed outside every sleeping area.

What is the best place to install carbon monoxide detector in home?

To maximize protection against the hazardous effects of carbon monoxide, detectors should be placed ideally in the following locations:
a. Each floor should have a carbon monoxide detector
b. Attached garages – if your garage is attached to your home, there should be one placed near the area. Running vehicles produce carbon monoxide which can easily spread to the rest of the house. With carbon monoxide detector installed in the attached garage, you’d be warned of the problems resulting from high level of carbon monoxide concentration.
c. All sleeping rooms – high level of carbon monoxide might occur at night time when everyone is sleeping.
When CO detectors are placed outside or near all sleeping rooms, it will easily alert everyone in the event of CO concentration climbing up to a dangerous level.
It is important to mention here that carbon monoxide alarms can best detect the concentration level of CO when installed five feet above the ground. Besides, depending on the CO detector’s specifications, it is important to know the guidelines from the manufacturer to help decide on the number of units to be installed.

Should carbon monoxide detectors be installed on the ceiling?

Typically, carbon monoxide detectors are installed 3 to 5 feet or 1 to 2 meters from the floor when the ceiling is around 7-10 feet high.
You can also install them on the ceiling as well to make sure that they are above any obstructions to allow the free flow of air. However, the first option is the ideal case because CO often tends to mix with air and that must be avoided for detecting it accurately.

Where should a smoke detector be placed in a bedroom?

Every bedroom should have a smoke detector installed inside and it should be mounted at least 4” from the junction of ceiling and wall.

What to do if carbon monoxide detector beeps?

Whether you have a typical CO detector or a more sophisticated one with 4 gas meter alarm levels, it is important to know the things you should do once you hear your carbon monoxide detector beeping. Instead of panicking, do the following few things:
a. Open all windows and doors to get air ventilation.
b. Switch off all appliances.
c. Reset the detector after there is air ventilation.
d. Call a technician to check the detector if it doesn’t sound again.
e. Call the local fire department when the detector alarms the second time.

What appliances create carbon monoxide gas?

In the event fuel is burnt due to combustion, there is the presence of carbon monoxide which can’t be seen or smelled. Typical home appliances that produce carbon monoxide are gas clothes dryer, fireplaces, gas water heaters, wood-burning stoves, gas refrigerators, oil or gas furnaces, charcoal grills, and space heaters, among various others.

The Bottom Line:

Carbon monoxide is popularly called as the silent killer because of its invisible and odorless properties. Slight exposure to this gas can be harmful and, if heavily exposed, it can be lethal and dangerous.

This gas can sneak in and spread around the house without your knowledge and anytime can result in dramatic hazards if not quickly taken care of. Since most of the time this gas comes from home appliances, it is very important to take extra precautions before it creates a huge problem.

Carbon monoxide facts show that a significant number of deaths have been reported to result from carbon monoxide poisoning. So, this issue should be taken seriously.

Probably, carbon monoxide detectors and alarms offer the best solution to keep things under control and have efficient carbon monoxide detection.

The number of carbon monoxide detectors and alarms available in the market today is continuously on the rise and you have the option of choosing from amongst a variety of options with differing features, price ranges, and capabilities.

Each unit offers different specifications to accurately measure the level of carbon monoxide in the surroundings.

As much as you aim to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning at your home or workplace, it is important to choose the right carbon monoxide detector and alarm suited to your specific needs.

Finally, the list of carbon monoxide detectors and alarms provided above could be of value to you when deciding to buy one. Choose to buy carbon monoxide detector amazon and you are sure to find the most authentic product at an affordable price. So, just check out the list and make a decision now to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

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