Top 15 Best HD Dash Cams! Buying Guide (2024 Updated)

A dashcam is an essential tool for cars. It offers protection to the drivers with complete evidence for an insurance claim and police investigations.

Dash cams are gaining popularity due to their high demand among the drivers. There is a variety of HD dash cams in the available market.


It is a fabulous camera that offers a hidden installation. You can attach this cam to the glass with the use of a mount or attach it with the help of the suction cup.

The Rexing dash cam is easy to use with an understandable menu. This dashcam duo works well as the rear or front camera. It offers 170 degrees view which covers the whole car.

It’s ultra wide-angle lens allows the camera to be mounted anywhere in the car and still capture the entirety of the road.

The Rexing V1 is designed to capture sharp and bright images with a built-in Sony IMX323 image sensor which is missing in various other dash cameras available today.

The camera is easily adaptable, creating balanced footage and image through fine-tuning the cam’s exposure. Developed for any weather condition, Rexing V1 can be stored under 160°(F) temperature and operates on 140°(F) temperature.

You never have to worry when the memory card is full as the camera automatically overwrites the oldest recordings using the loop recording feature. When a collision occurs, the footage is safely locked and protected because of the camera’s G-sensor.

  • Easily mounted with adhesive mount included
  • Supports a micro SD memory card with memory size of 256GB
  • Important footage and images are locked with the built-in gravity sensor
  • Ability to capture the totality of the road using the 170 degrees ultra wide angle lens
  • Operates under different weather or lighting conditions
  • Able to create vivid and perfect images
  • Night vision of the camera is blurred
  • Constant resetting of date every couple of days

2. WOLFBOX Mirror Dash Cam

One of my favourite dash cam companies is WOLFBOX, and they’ve got an excellent reputation for producing high-quality products. It has a great design, a super-wide viewing angle, and it comes with an easy-to-use app.

It records both front and rear views simultaneously, so you’ll always have a backup when reversing or turning. Both the front and rear cameras are equipped with an ultra-wide viewing angle lens which helps to see more of the road ahead to drive/reverse with complete safety.

The 2.5D curved screen enhances image quality by minimizing the appearance of distortion and improving brightness, making the body more suitable for the curvature of the human retina. It records in 1080P for clear and sharp video, even in bright sunlight.

It comes with a built-in 6 layer glass lens, which enhances night vision in a dark environment. The car camera applied an upgraded low-reflectivity LCD to reduce reflection during the day.

  • Delivers a perfect 2.7K undistorted image even during the night
  • Voice control allows your hands to only fully manuever the steering wheel
  • Easily monitor 3 lanes using the 140° wide angle lens
  • Low power consumption and excellent performance using the dual-core chip
  • Night vision capability
  • Slow wifi control
  • Sounds are not clear when videos or recording captured are played back

3. OldShark Dash Cam 1080P Full HD

This is a perfectly surprising camera that records clear videos. It is a simplified dash cam with high video quality. It is a good quality camera when considering the price.

The downside of this Old shark dash cam is that it does not work well for recording the nighttime videos. The videos recorded at night are not clear.

It offers auto-detection against accidents and serves well as a security camera for the car. It has automatic recording features with premium resistance against high or low temperatures.

This particular dash camera is designed with superior chips that enable to capture stable and smooth video recordings.

Its chipset is built with shock absorption design and retardant metal material to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. A 1080p vivid video footage is captured using the full glass f1.6 aperture sensor.

The automatic on/off feature is feasible to almost all cars. This feature allows the device to automatically start recording once the engine is on and is automatically turned off after a while as soon as the engine is off.

Its premium temperature resistance allows the camera to function even at higher temperature provided that it is not exposed to sunlight for a longer period.

  • Stable video recording
  • Automatic on/off feature
  • Easy mount with convenient plug and play feature
  • Durable and temperature resistant to withstand higher temperature
  • Vivid image and footage recordings using the f1.6 aperture sensor
  • Battery has low power
  • Keeps on recording on default date without being noticed

4. Anker Roav DashCam C1

It works well and has updated software. This HD cam works flawlessly with the Android phones. Another highlighting feature of this HD cam is the compact size with a hidden installation that does not interfere with the view. It offers a good price for its effective features.

The Anker dash cam covers 4 lanes with clear video recordings. This HD cam is highly effective and works well in high-temperature areas. The Anker Dashcam by Roav has a built-in WIFI that allows you to download and share files instantly.

Another impressive feature of this dash camera is its Parking Monitor which allows a video recording of 30 seconds once the car detects movement.

It has an easy mounting option that uses 3M double-sided tape which is more reliable and permanent compared to suction cup.

For a more convenient experience, this device displays clearer images with its LCD coupled with touch buttons and easy-to-navigate menus. Either during the day or night, crystal clear photos and recordings can be captured with Roav-Anker Dash Cam.

When your car is moved to or bumped, the gravity sensor is automatically activated and accurately records the same. Good thing, the device comes with a 12-month replacement warranty and you can get a new one if it malfunctions or if the results are not good enough to your liking.

  • Capable of footage recording even when the car is parked with its Parking Monitor feature
  • Built-in wifi enables it to connect to your iPhone or android phones. You can also download the video recordings using the Roav app
  • Captures impressive recordings of 1080p high definition video
  • Reliable and permanent mounting option using the 3M double sided tape
  • 145° viewing angle in all lighting conditions
  • Memory card not included
  • No GPS recording
  • Many clips are being recorded by parking monitor causing full memory storage

5. REXING V1P 170 Degree Wide Angle Dash Cam

It is an amazing camera which offers clear picture recording. The setup for Rexing V1P is easy to install. It is a dash cam duo with both rear and front camera. The dash cam has a 64GB memory card which stores a lot of videos.

The Rexing V1P dash cam has a discrete design with a hidden installation. It is a full HD cam that works well in all lighting situations whether it’s daytime or night. It serves as a security camera for car allowing you to detect any collisions with the inbuilt G-sensor.

The device’s front camera is capable of capturing full HD 1080p at 30fps video recordings. It operates fine in any lighting situation using the wide dynamic range that it comes with.

This can play a vital role in creating excellent footage and images by only adjusting its exposure. The rear camera is very much capable of recording the surroundings using the 120° lens.

Like any other high-quality dash cams in the market, this device is also designed with loop recording that allows to automatically overwrite the oldest recordings once the memory gets full.

It can store 64 GB of data which can translate into 8 ½ hours of dual channel recording along with VGA video before oldest recordings are overwritten.

Featured with weather resistance, the Rexing V1P dash cam makes sure that it operates without overheating. No matter what climate you are in, this device will function without fail at the 140°(F) operating temperature and can be stored at around 160°(F) without getting damaged.

  •  Designed with a dual-channel recording which records footage from front and rear cameras
  •  Weather resistance prevents overheating
  • Supports 64 GB memory card that stores 8 ½ hours of dual-channel recording and video footage
  •  Automatic on/off feature
  •  Captures full HD videos using the 170° ultra wide angle
  •  Wide dynamic range creates clear footage and images under all lighting situations
  •  Takes additional installation (front and rear cameras)
  •  Dual channel allows for way too many recordings

6. Pruveeo F5 FHD 1080P Dash Cam

Pruveeo is a professional dash cam manufacturer. Established in 2000, it employs over 300 people. It provides OEM and ODM services for numerous famous brands around the world.

This DashCam has sold more than 30,000 units on Amazon and comes with one-year free warranty service.

The HD cam is easy and small with simple installation. The Pruveeo F5 dash cam has WIFI connectivity with amazing video quality. It has a discrete design with 175 degrees wide angle that offers complete coverage.

This dash cam supports both the Android and IOS apps which help in easy sharing and downloading. It automatically records the video, if it crashes most recent video will not be lost.

The inbuilt wifi of the dash cam allows you to configure, view or download videos in real-time. A full HD video resolution of 1080p/720p is captured using the full glass lens.

It works perfectly fine on temperature ranging from 15-150°F and doesn’t have any issues in humidity levels ranging from 10% to 80%. T

The dash cam supports a maximum of 32 GB class 10 micro SD card, preferably SanDisk High Endurance Micro SD card or Samsung EVO.

It also comes equipped with a built-in 320mA battery. The lifetime quality guarantee comes with every purchase of Pruveeo dash camera which simply means that all products are guaranteed to offer you the highest quality results year after year.

  • Captures full coverage using the 175° wide angle lens
  • Inbuilt wifi compatible to any Android or iOS apps
  • Designed to be installed discreetly on your car
  • Supports a maximum of 32 GB micro SD card
  • License plates are hardly seen
  • Wide angle coverage is only limited to viewing angles

7. Kingslim Car Dash Cam

It offers 1080p of video resolution. It has a built-in GPS that allows tracking down the location. It has WIFI with a smartphone app.

The Timetec vision dash cam is a small, professional dash cam that comes with a hidden installation. It has a sturdy and compact body that allows it to resist all sorts of temperature.

Along with the GPS; it also offers the G-sensor system for your protection. This dash cam with parking mode makes use of a G-sensor that allows you to park on public roads.

It offers high-quality footage with the detection of number plates. It comes with an 8GB memory card which records videos of 90 min duration. It is available with a mount for the windscreen.

Apart from offering a 1080p video resolution, the sensor of this device can capture footage in two super HD resolutions of 2304px1296p and 2560px1080p with the frame rate standing at 30fps.

It comes with a couple of mounting options where the adhesive mount serves as the standard option and you get a suction mount as an accessory. It can support up to 128 GB micro SD card and even includes an 8 GB card in the package.

The device has no battery and only operates when directly plugged into the car. Once the vehicle is running, the dash cam will record video footage in clips of 1 to 5 minutes in length. Overall, this device can store up to 50 such clips before the oldest recordings are overwritten automatically.

In the event of a collision, which can be detected by the device’s G-sensor, it enables to save 10 seconds of recording prior to the event and 20 seconds after the occurrence of such collision.

Both these recordings are then stored on a separate clip under the SD card’s event folder. The footage can be viewed when you connect the device to a PC through USB port, to a TV using the HDMI port or by simply ejecting the card and directly copying the files to view them.

  • Performance level and image quality is sustained even at night time
  • Camera sensor can record 10 seconds prior and 20 seconds after the collision
  • Dual mounting options: adhesive and suction mount
  • Supports up to 128 GB micro SD card
  • 120° wide angle view
  • Designed to record footage under two super HD resolutions
  • Does not have a battery power option so there is a tendency that the device will not switch on automatically when the diesel car’s engine restarts
  • Least polished app

8. Garmin Dash Cam 55

This dash cam has 1440p resolution with excellent details regarding the image. It offers various safety features. The downsides of Garmin Dashcam 55 include:

  • Little pricey
  • The limited control offered by smart phones
  • You cannot remove the cable from the car power adapter

It is an attractive and compact dash cam that starts automatically. The full HD dash cam records the videos at 2560 or 1440 pixels. The dash cam has storage of 64 GB with loop recording. The Garmin Dashcam has GPS built-in technology with a G-sensor that automatically detects all incidents. It has built-in WIFI which can be easily synced with the smartphone app.

Since the dash cam is small, it can be easily mounted on the car’s windshield inconspicuously. The high-definition recording feature comes along with a clear 2.0 LCD display.

Apart from offering high-quality footage, this device is also designed with lane departure warning that signals you whenever your car strays out of the lane.

Also, the dash cam offers forward collision warning which is yet another amazing built-in feature that alerts you when you are driving very close to the car ahead. It is likewise designed with voice control features requiring you to just say “Hey Garmin” before the instructions show up on the 2-inch screen of the cam.

  • Efficient overspeed limit notification, forward collision warning and lane departure warning
  • Captures high quality 1440p HD footage
  • Inbuilt wifi for easy connectivity to any smartphones
  • Only limited control is offered by the smartphone app
  • You can’t remove power adapter from the cable

9. Z-EDGE Upgraded Version CAR DASH CAM

It is an expert cam for recording the high-quality videos. However, it lacks some features like WIFI or GPS. The Z-edge car dash cam with parking mode automatically safeguards the vehicle.

This cam serves as a watchdog for your vehicle in parking mode for 24/7 close inspection. The HD cam never misses capturing a license plate.

It is highly reliable with efficient performance in freezing or hot temperatures without affecting the battery power. It is easy to adjust and simple to remove with 32 GB memory card. It offers superior night vision with HDR technology.

The Z-Edge Z3P produces ultra-high-definition video quality because it is built with OV4689 color CMOS image sensor and Advanced Ambarella A12 processor.

A more detailed footage can be captured even from a significant distance using the camera’s Wide Quad HD of 2560x1440p at 30 frames per second along a 155° viewing angle.

This wide-angle feature allows recording from both sides and front of the road including 4 lanes without distortion and can be clearly viewed through the 3.0 HD screen.

It is also designed with a Parking Mode feature in which the battery is used to continue recording even if the car engine is switched off. Once the G-sensor detects any movement, the device starts recording. It is also designed with collision and ignition detection to provide optimal safety on the road.

  • Excellent HD video recording with OV4689 color CMOS image sensor and Advanced Ambarella A12 processor
  • 155° wide viewing angle
  • Premium night vision that utilizes HDR technology
  • Designed with ignition, collision and motion detection features
  • Easy installation
  • Constant unplugging of USB charger every time you leave the car can be annoying
  • Misleading motion detection

10. ACCFLY MINI 120 Degree Wide Angle DASH CAM

This mini dash cam is easy to install with simple instruction guidelines. It has a perfect miniature size which does not cover much space. The Accfly mini dash cam offers a clear and larger vision.

Most people assume that it might be expensive due to its features but it is affordable. This dash cam offers 120 degrees wide angle for a clearer view.

It is a perfect security camera for cars that offer safety protection to the driver by G-sensor. It offers seamless recording with a memory up to 32 GB.

Since this device is small, it can be easily installed in your car without any clutter in the windshield and only occupies minimal space. It is designed with an adjustable video system offering you a clear image resolution of 1080p.

The built-in G-sensor allows recordings during a collision to be locked and protected without being overwritten by any new recordings. A detailed and clear image is provided by this dash cam without leaving any blind spot using its 120° wide angle.

This is one of the dash cameras in the market that offers easy installation and user-friendly operation. Likewise, this device is equipped with one key lock function.

This mini dash cam is securely mounted by a bracket and stays in place even on the bumpiest of roads. It has a 1.5” HD screen where you can clearly view what is ahead of you on the road.

Though small in size, this device supports a memory card as well giving you up to 32 GB of storage space which can be used to store as many recordings as any other bigger dashcams on the market today.

  • Quality 1080p video recording with adjustable video system of 1920x1080p and 1280x720p
  • Seamless recordings without leakage between loop recording and video clips
  • Supports SD card of up to 32 GB memory
  • Mini size and lightweight product which occupies minimal space
  • The mounted bracket securely holds the device even on bumpy roads
  • The SD card can be easily inserted on the port but sometimes it becomes difficult to press it out
  • SD card not included in the package


It offers superb-quality video recording and allows a quick-release installation process. The next base dash cam 612 GW has a solid quality. The downside of this dash cam is that WIFI does not work properly.

It has limited safety features. This dash cam is expensive. The dash cam offers complete detection of collisions because of the inbuilt G-sensor. It has a built-in GPS. The Next Base dash cam offers 150 degrees wide angle with a 4k resolution for picture quality.

The unparalleled video quality of this dash camera offers a perfect ultra HD 4k resolution which is a unique feature. This camera keeps a detailed eye on the road and provides you all the peace of mind you need with its innovative Quad HD 1440p capturing vivid footage at 30fps.

Optimizing the clarity of the image is the built-in Sony Exmor R sensor. Additionally, the 150° degree wide angle lens can capture broad images and along with that, the inbuilt GPS makes sure that your location and speed data are accurately recorded.

The Wifi feature of this device allows you to use the Nextbase app to directly share or view your files on tablets or smartphones. This NEXTBASE dash cam is also designed with the revolutionary Replay 3 software which gives you the complete ability to conveniently edit and share video recordings on Mac/PC.

  • Unique ultra HD 4K resolution providing quality images
  • Designed with innovative Sony Exmor R Sensor
  • Features the high end Click and Go Powered Magnetic GPS mount
  • Replay 3 software which makes editing and sharing of video recordings very easy
  • Inbuilt GPS for easy tracking of speed and location data
  • Less parking mode options


This dash cam is available at a decent price. It offers GPS-tracked recordings. The Mio Mivue Dash cam C330 offers safety notifications along with recent updates. The downside of this dash cam is that it offers average-quality video recording.

This dash cam has no memory card. It serves as a security camera for a car offering you safety protection against collisions and making you realize the speed limits.

Quality images while on the road are perfectly captured with the help of C330’s 1080p full HD video recording feature.

Every little detail of your driving experience is being captured using the 130°wide angle glass lens. This device is lightweight and compact making it sure that there is no obstruction whatsoever on your windshield or dashboard.

Every movement during the collision is tracked using the device’s 3-Axis G-sensor including acceleration, impact and turn as well as the force and direction.

Alerts and menus are easily viewed with the help of the cam’s 2.0 inch screen. During your journey on the road, you are kept updated on the route and the speed you’re driving through your dash cam’s built-in GPS tracking system.

Using the MiVue Manager app, you can view the wonderful images being captured while you are on the road and can even share them with your friends through YouTube or Facebook.

  • Automatic on/off feature
  • Records full HD 1080p images
  • Designed with GPS tracking
  • 130° wide angle glass lens
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Menu is difficult to navigate through
  • Poor supporting software
  • No SD card included

13. Owl Car Cam Dual HD Camera

This is a premium quality dash cam. It gets connected to your phone. It has dual cameras inside and outside.

You can watch the last 14 days recorded video from your phone. You don’t need any technical expertise to install it in your car. Even a newbie can install it in less than 6 minutes.

If a car crashes, Owl checks to see if everybody is okay through the Owl Car Cam and the driver’s phone. If emergency services are needed or passengers are unable to request help, Owl’s live agents call 911 on your behalf.

It only requires a couple of minutes to install this device on your car without any professional help needed. The product is designed to beautifully integrate into your car without damaging or sticky adhesives or any kind of dangling or loose cables.

It is designed with extreme security features including a green security beacon, video alerts, GPS car finder, Live View and 2-way Talk, all meant to ensure your safety while on the road. It also comes equipped with a direct wifi connection where you can access all your video recordings.

  • Inside/outside facing cameras on 1440x720p
  • 6-minute easy installation
  • 4G LTE connection
  • Maximum security alerts
  • 12 months service warranty and limited 3 month trial on automatic crash response
  • Inside and outside camera does nor capture any rear view
  • Limited Android compatibility

14. CofunKool Car Dash Cam 1080P Full HD

This cam starts automatically when car gets started. It has an amazing feature of smart gestures. You can capture photos by simply placing your hand in front and it will detect the gesture like a smart mobile and will capture the scene.

It also has a motion sensor that will capture video of moving objects only, while car is in parking mode.

It has a built-in high temperature resistant 50mA polymer lithium-ion battery.

You can always save quality and precise video recordings using this device. With the help of 1080p full HD front camera alongside the 150°wide angle, you are sure that perfect video clips are accurately recorded to be used wherever needed.

The loop recording feature allows to automatically record new videos overwriting the older ones when the maximum memory storage has exceeded.

In case of road incidents, the recordings are made protected with the cam’s motion detection feature. The files which are saved during accidents are automatically recorded and locked ensuring that those images can’t be deleted manually.

Thanks to the superb G-sensor emergency accident lock features of this dash camera, you’re well covered in such situations.

  • Uses a 1080p full HD front camera for clear and detailed recordings
  • 150° wide angle lens to reduce the risk of blind spots
  • Gesture recognition
  • Video loop recording motion detection
  • Easy to install using 3M adhesive sticker
  • 720p video quality is not good
  • A bit on the expensive side

15. Rove R2-4K Night Vision Dash Cam

It has an impressive night vision capability.  GPS available in this can accurately record your driving location and speed.

You can View your driving route and track it on Google Maps via Wi-Fi using the App or with our Car DV Player. It comes with FREE Firmware Upgrade.

You will get full one-year warranty on this cam.

All these innovative and safety features are designed in this device to give you the ultimate experience ride after ride. It is built with high-end technology including G-sensor, Parking Mode, and Super Night Vision among many others.

It is also designed with Voice Guidance to provide you with useful information and help you need for easy navigation. The dash cam can capture clear footage even in low-light night conditions making it a more efficient tool to have on your arsenal.

  • Help you understand with Voice Guidance
  • Super night vision and built-in G-sensor
  • Free ROVE App
  • Emergency Recording(G‒Sensor)
  • Parking Mode ― Motion Detection
  • F1.8 Large Aperture ― Captures More Light
  • 360° Rotating Suction Mount
  • Poor mounting option
  • Supports a comparatively low SD card space

Frequently Asked Questions:

Many people ask questions about whether the legal placement of dashcams are possible or not. Yes! It can be legally placed in the UK which you can use for police investigations.

You should also consider the forms of dash cams whether it is single, dual or has a forward-facing lens. The dash cam comprises the SD card or not. You also need to look for additional features during the buying process i.e. GPS technology or G-sensor, WI-FI, parking mode, and others.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about dash cameras:

Do dash cameras reduce insurance?

Some insurers have started offering insurance discounts to motorists who own dash cameras. By using dash cameras, accurate records can be kept and it allows authorities to quickly know the party at fault in case of a mishap.
Owning a dash camera will lower insurance premiums as well as will make you more responsible while on the road.

How long do Dash Cameras record for?

Dash cameras capture live videos while you are driving. Memory cards of dash cameras run out of space faster compared to those on any other cameras out there. If you are using a 1080p resolution, you need 400 MB of memory to store 3 minutes of constant video recording.
Thus, an 8 GB memory card can hold only 20 minutes of long video when using the 1080p format. On the other hand, selecting 720p resolution can allow you to store 80 minutes of video footage using the 16 GB memory card.

Are dash cams legal?

The legality of using dash cameras varies from one country to another. Roads are considered public spaces, thus most countries allow the use of dash cameras like Canada and the US. On the other hand, countries like Luxemburg and Austria have declared the use of dash cameras as illegal and drivers who violate are being fined.

How many hours can you record on 32 GB?

Well, some factors can influence the length of footage being recorded with a dash cam. If you are using a 720p resolution, you can probably record around 10 hours and 40 minutes on your 32 GB memory card.
To make it more general and understandable, you can record roughly 20 minutes HD footage per GB of your memory card.  For 1080p resolution, however, you get around 66 minutes of video recording only.

Can dash cam footage be used in court?

Dash cameras can be proof of accurate and true account during an incident, but there are a few circumstances where the use of the same as evidence is excluded from the trial.

Do all cop cars have dashboard cameras?

Not all cop cars are equipped with dash cameras. Sometimes, recording also varies depending on the system used. There are instances where dash cameras are on but do not record. Or at times, recordings are blurred or data may have been corrupted so footage can’t be retrieved.

How long do dash cam batteries last?

When fully charged, a dash cam battery can last for around 30 minutes of regular recording. Batteries serve as back-up power so that dash cam will continue to function even in case of power loss from within the vehicle.

Can a GoPro be used as a dash cam?

The GoPro is one of the best options when you are looking for a dash cam alternative. On the contrary, GoPro is one expensive device to be used as an alternative to dash cams.
But if you still prefer to use GoPro, be ready to carry it with you when you drive; just plug it in and turn it on every time.

What is motion detection in dash cam?

Motion detection is one of the features of a dash camera and for some, it serves as a sub-function of parking mode. This applies when a car is in stationary mode or in parking. The feature allows a dash cam to automatically record anything within its field of view when it senses a movement.

What is the G sensor on my dash cam?

A G-shock is an important feature of a dash camera. This feature allows your dash camera to lock and protect important footage when a car experiences a sudden shock brought about by crashes, heavy braking or collision. The file recording will not be overwritten with a new recording even if the memory storage of the SD card is already full.

Can dash cam record when car is off?

Dash cams are becoming more and more popular. Some of the newer models can record video when the car is not in motion. This makes it easy for a driver to capture an accident, or any other incident that happens while the car is not moving. If a car is involved in a collision, then the video from the dash cam can help with the investigation.

The use of dash cameras in vehicles has gained tremendous popularity among motorists over the years. Dash cameras nowadays have become more of a necessity as they keep you safe while you are on the road.

Besides, the technology is being continuously enhanced. More and more sophisticated products are being introduced in the market with every passing day, aiming to make your driving experience even better and safer.

If you are thinking of installing one in your car, there are many options available in the market, each built with a different set of great features. And, with such a variety of options available in the market today, you are sure to find one that will satisfy your needs.

You may even find one to fulfill your specific requirements from the list of top best HD dash cams above. Just go through the specs, and make your choice today!

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