21 Home Security Mistakes Almost Everyone Committing!

Today’s modern age and time have given mankind many useful inventions along with the progression of technology.

Such progressed technology is now being used in most of the aspects of a modern man’s life.

From the watch that tells the time to the car that transports an individual to and from places everything around is an example of technology and invention.

These inventions have given us humans the ability to secure ourselves and our loved ones with the help of latest home security techniques.

Security alarms, CCTV cameras, and a password based alarm system are one of the many options that are available today for proper security.

The irony arises here when we individuals commit such common and silly mistakes in securing our houses and belongings even in the presence of such inventions.

These mistakes often lead up to burglaries, theft or even worse damaging of property in the owners’ absence.

Following are 21 of the most common mistakes that one should avoid while securing their house.

1. Hiding The Key Under The Doormat or Plant

The reason why this is a common mistake is that most of the people do this saying it as easy access for other members of the house.

Burglars and robbers are well aware of this trick and so it helps them to breach the security of these individuals.

2. Using Social Media to Endanger Yourself

Needless to say, There is a huge risk involved in using social media sites without precautionary measures.

Today’s generation is so used to of posting everything about their lives on social media that they don’t realize that sometimes this information can be used against them as well.

Many people post it on their accounts when they are not in their house or away for vacations, allowing people to be able to access the house without being caught.

3. Leaving High Windows Unlocked

People who reside in a two-story house often do this mistake of leaving the high windows unlocked thinking that since they are unreachable from the ground, hence they are not dangerous.

Many people leave their basement entrance unlocked or attic windows unsecured with the same thought.

4. Depending on the Guard Dog

Many people who live in a fairly huge neighborhood often tend to rely on the guard appointed for the whole neighborhood.

This is a mistake as most of the times burglars lure the dogs away by using dog treats or by being friendly with them.

5. Visibility of Valuable Items

Human beings today believe in the power of show off to gain attention and power over others.

They try to achieve this by keeping the valuable items of their house in close visibility to anyone passing by their house.

This proves to be dangerous as it tempts thieves towards your house.

6. Visibility to Packaging Boxes

Many people often leave the used up packages of an expensive item like a new television, laptop etc. in their house by the front door to be taken away.

This move is dangerous as it basically announces to the people passing by of the new, expensive item in your house.

7. Access to Tools

This includes leaving the toolbox by the front door which can help in disarming of the security system or ladder access that will help in reaching the high points and entering without a hitch.

8. A Dark House

A dark house usually indicates the absence of the people residing there.

It is better to leave front porch and garage lights on when away from the house so as to keep stalkers and burglars away.

9. Low Quality Doors and Windows

Investing in high quality and strong doors and windows always prove to be useful as weak doors are easy to break in.

10. Lack of Security System

Many people often assume that having a dig, or strong doors and windows means that their security does not need an alarm system.

Such security systems are useful if and when your house is already broken in to stop them from escaping.

11. Garage Door

It is a common mistake when most of the times people forget to lock their garage entrance after parking their vehicles.

This also proves to be a way of entering and breaking in the house.

12. Not Being Cautious Enough

People who have never been robbed or burgled have this habit of going easy which gives an advantage to the robbers.

It is always beneficial to check and scan your surroundings before leaving the house or at night before sleeping.

13. Hiding Spots

Trees and bushes are often used as hiding spots so it is necessary to not have many bushes too close to your house as it proves to be a hiding spot for the burglar till breaking in seems easy.

14. Fake Security

Many people assume that fake alarms and CCTV cameras will drive away the burglars and sometimes it, do but experienced thieves will be able to tell if it is fake or real.

15. Newspaper & Mail

Often when families are away at vacation, their mail and newspaper keep piling at the door which alerts people around of their absence.

This can be solved by asking a trusted friend or neighbor to collect it weekly or on alternative days in their absence.

16. Daytime is Not Safe Either

People often assume break in’s or robberies to happen at night time which leads them to think that their house is perfectly secure during the daytime.

Burglars often approach houses that are empty in the daytime as it allows them to break in and steal without being caught.

17. Alarm System in Sight

During the installation of security and alarm systems, people often forget that positioning them out of sight is more helpful as then people passing by will not be aware of the system is activated or not.

The position of the alarm and security system plays an important role in securing the house.

18. Less Outdoor Lights

Darkness near the house gives the burglars an advantage to be able to hide without being able to see.

This issue can be resolved by installing motion light sensors that alarm the owners in case of any movement to secure your home windows and doors.

19.Allowing Packages to be delivered to an Empty House

When shopping online, people often don’t track the delivery time of their products.

This leads to packages being delivered at the doorstep and also gives the address of your residence to random delivery boys.

The packages being stacked at the doorstep is also a red flag.

20.Non Acquaintance with Neighbour

Many people like to be by themselves and keep their interaction to the outside world very limited.

Such behavior leads to not knowing their neighbors and the people residing nearby and not knowing if any shady people are around.

21. Going the extra mile for security

Sometimes people become extra cautious and try to implement every level of security to protect themselves like fences, extra grills at the windows, numerous locks on the door to protect their home from invasion.

While these options are for the purpose of security, they are also dangerous if you are caught in the house with the burglars.

The bottom line is that it while security inventions and gadgets play a huge role in protecting us, it is also necessary to be cautious of your surroundings and use common sense while securing the house.

Even today, many people are clueless about how to protect their homes from invasion.

It is easy to avoid such common home security mistakes by a quick analysis of the area an individual resides in to know what level is security is necessary.

It is not important to install the latest inventions and go all out in protecting your loved ones a few simple and tricky changes can very easily avert the eyes of a burglar from your residence.

What do you think what is the most common mistake amongst above all, that people commit? I think sharing personal information on social media sites is the most common mistake.

We would love to hear from you. If you like this article share it with someone who is making this kind of mistakes.

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