Practical Home Security Tips You Should Always Follow


If you are a homeowner, you would be most concerned about keeping your home safe from thieves and burglars.

To keep your home safe and secure, you can follow the following mentioned tips:

Make Your Doors Burglar Proof

  • Keep your doors locked all the time.
  • Use deadbolts on every door at your home.
  • Teach your kids not to answer the door by themselves.
  • Unless you know someone or you expect someone, don’t answer the door.
  • Don’t just open the door to anyone until you are completely sure about their intentions.
  • Don’t ever forget to lock your garage door as normally the burglars enter your house by that way.

How to Secure Windows?

  • Make one thing sure that you don’t keep any valuables close to the window so that anyone from outside couldn’t see them.
  • Try to keep shades and curtains on windows drawn at night times.
  • You can also cover all the windows at your home with an anti-penetration film that is also called as shatterproof window film.
  • You can also plant thorny plants and bushes around your doors and windows.
  • Make this sure that your window locks work and don’t forget to lock all the windows especially at night.
  • Make sure that the window panes at your home are in there best condition and they are not torn.
  • You can also use Charlie bars or stoppers in all the windows you have at your home.

Create Illusions

  • Put a sign showing “beware of dog” at the back and front of your house.
  • Even if you don’t own a dog, show as you do. You can make it look like you own a dog by draping a large leash over the outdoor furniture at your home.
  • Place a large bowl of water and food; you can also throw dog toys in the yard to make the scene more real.
  • If there is no man at your house, try to make an illusion that there are men. You can create an illusion by placing old men boots, and a toolbox near the main door of your house so that it may look like there is a man in your home.
  • Video surveillance camera can also be placed, even a fake one if you want. You can place it a spot where it always visible to the intruders.
  • If you are in a mood to plan vacations, you can talk to the neighbors so that they could park their car in your driveway. This is how it may look like there is someone at your house. You can also ask someone to mow your lawn.
  • If you are away from home, you can put a hold over the mail delivery and on newspapers.
  • You can also set up a system at your home when the lights are automatically turned on and off when you are not at home. This will leave an impression over everyone that you are at your home.

Tips to Keep your valuables Safe

  • Hide the most valuable things which you have under the bathroom vanity or in a sock. Normally the burglars don’t check bathrooms.
  • You can also put the valuables in a fireproof safe to make them more secure.
  • You can also build a safe room if possible.

Necessary Precautions

  • Don’t let the bushes to grow high near your home as they are the best places for the burglars to hide.
  • Make this sure that your home’s address is large and it is visible from the street.
  • Put your name inside and not outside the mailbox. Try not to broadcast it to burglars.
  • Never say that you’re not at home on the voice mail recordings.
  • Whenever there is a service person at your home. Check all the windows once he had left so that he had not left any window open to get in the home later.
  • You can also use smart keyless locks.
  • Try to get yourself a protection dog.
  • Attend some self-defense courses.
  • Don’t leave any package outside your home.
  • You must have a phone on your nightstand.
  • You can also install a door reinforcement system.
  • If you are not at home, turn off your home phone’s ringer before leaving. This is how the burglars can’t hear the phone unattended.
  • You can give a spare key to your main door to a neighbor or friend. Don’t ever leave the keys below the foot map or under a flower pot.
  • Don’t leave ladders outside your home.
  • Install a peephole at your home.
  • Let your family know about the fire escape and also conduct the home invasion drills at your home.
  • You should get a new security system and make sure that it includes cameras and motion sensors.
  • Don’t post on your social media accounts that you are on a vacation or when you are out of your home.
  • You can also put the decals from a security company over your front door and the windows.
  • Put a sign of security system at the backyard and also on the front lawn.
  • Don’t discuss your travel plans with anyone whom you don’t trust completely. Don’t discuss it with service people, preachers, and salespeople or with survey takers. You don’t know who might be having negative intentions.
  • You should install lockbox to put spare keys.

Why Hidden Surveillance Cameras Should be Chosen?

Most of the people think that choosing hidden cameras is not a good option but still they are beneficial in some aspects and they are much better than the CCTV camera systems.

Following are the two main reasons which show the importance of surveillance cameras:

   1. Crime Encouragement

A CCTV camera is very easy to identify and if the potential burglars notice the cameras, they will be sure that you have something worth stealing. So the CCTV cameras encourage the intruders while surveillance cameras are better in this regard.

    2. Encouraged Interference

Experienced burglars know how they can disable the security system if they notice one. But in the case of hidden cameras, they don’t even know where the camera could be.

This is simple when a criminal doesn’t know where the camera is he won’t know how he could disable the camera.

Similarly, if the criminals don’t see a camera at your home, they will certainly don’t think that there is something valuable at your home.

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