Most Successful Secure Your Home Tactics Without an Alarm System

Having an alarm system may be a good option for home security; however, there are other tips and tricks that explain how to secure your home without an alarm system.

Everyone wants to keep their home safe from intruders, and with the increasing number of homeowners that get robbed every day, not protecting your home is equal to actually inviting burglars to your place.

While having a security or alarm system is one way to ensure your home is safe, not every home has one; however, this does not mean that these houses cannot be protected.

There are a few foolproof ways that offer your home that added protection against burglars:

1. Enhance Lighting

Nothing can be more inviting for burglars than a dimly lit vacant house.

A burglar’s main motive is to stay out of sight which is supported by dim lighting around the house.

Having proper lights around the house and even on the streets if possible, enhances the chances of any break in and burglars being noticed by someone, thus hindering the idea of breaking in.

Even though burglaries occur during the daytime too; however, most occur at night time.

2. Lock Everything UP

Doors and windows have always been the first defense of a house against external intruders and still hold true to the belief.

Invest in solid materials for your doors and windows and use good quality locks (e.g. deadbolt) that cannot be easily manipulated by anyone.

Ensure all your doors and windows are locked when you leave the house.

3. Conceal Your Valuables and Vacation Plans

A major invite to burglars that we declare our self is revealing our valuables through leaving the curtains or blinds open and through advertising purchase of costly items or news of going on a vacation.

Social media is one growing source where burglars handpick their next victims. 

Try to conceal information about any major purchases and your home being vacant during your vacations so that you do not become a ready target for burglars.

4. Invest In Smart Gadgets

There are several Smart gadgets available in the market that can offer huge advantages when it comes to home security.

One best way on how to secure your home without an alarm system is to impart the impression that the home is not vacant.

This can be done by placing smart LED lights in your home that can be turned on and off using a tablet or smartphone from anywhere, offering the illusion that someone is home.

Another option is to invest in motion-activated lights located at the exterior of your home or just ask a neighbor to keep your house on the check.

5. Get A Guard Dog

Having a guard dog is a definite measure that ensures no one enters the property without permission, however having a dog will mean that you assign someone to take care of it, while you are away.

Guard dogs are an excellent security measure for a home.

Serving as a loyal companion, they do require constant taking care of and training to serve the purpose of offering home security.

Rottweiler, BullMastiff or Dobermans are a few good guard dog choices to choose from.

Also, make sure you install a “Beware Of Dog” sign on the door to let everyone know your canine friend is on the watch.

6. Keep Your Surroundings Trimmed

Having a well-maintained garden is the dream of every homeowner; however, do not let the dream get in the way of your home’s safety.

It is always best that your garden and exteriors are well-trimmed regularly, leaving no room that serves as a hiding place.

Also, ensure proper lighting in all areas surrounding your house.

7. Don’t Leave Spare Keys Out

In case you want a friend or family member to visit your place when you are not there, leaving the key under the mat, Under the plant pot, over the window sill, or any other place that is easily accessible to a friend or family member is not a good idea; rather it is a horrible idea and easy way to access to your home.

It is always a good option to have an extra set of keys given to the person who you want to allow visiting your home when you are not around.


8. Invest In Heavy Unbreakable Safe

Having all your valuables, cash, jewelry and documents within an unbreakable safe is always a good idea when you are not around.

Bolt your safe to your floor so it is difficult for a burglar or thief to run away with.

This measure can ensure that all your valuables are safe and can save you from unnecessary problems later on.

Summing up these are a few steps on how to secure your home without an alarm system from a burglary.

Burglaries occur more frequently then we think, however statistics reveal that they often occur owed to some negligence or error of our own.

Through ensuring these simple steps we can secure our home to a great extent and save ourselves from the agony of being robbed.

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