7 Hacks by Ex Robber to Secure Your Sliding Doors!

Door is one of the most important fixtures of every home. It gives an extra glance to your home’s interior design.

It is a kind of functional home fixture that controls not only physical access to interiors and other rooms in a house but also maintains the safety and privacy of residents.

A wide variety of doors are available to choose from. Selection of the right kind solely depends on the installation location. For example, glass doors are good for patios and interior sitting areas; whereas wooden doors are a good choice for bedrooms and areas that need more privacy and peace.

Secure Sliding Doors

What are sliding doors?

Sliding door, as its name suggests is the kind of door that slides horizontally and mounted on a track. Due to its unique design and functional benefits, sliding door can be a smart choice for your home.

It has the potential to add on style and appeal in interior design while increasing the amount of natural light with a better outdoor view.

Despite offering all these benefits, sliding doors are at a higher risk for encountering thieves. Easy to break locks and huge glass surfaces in the design make it vulnerable to attacks.

But the good news is that you can efficiently secure your beautiful glass sliding door in the patio after following few easy-to-implement security hacks.

Hinged and sliding blast-resistant doorsets are designed to withstand individual dynamic blast load cases or even the combination of several blast cases.  Blast doors (booth-industries.co.uk/blast-doors/) are designed to behave elastically during the blast, and to remain operational after blast, thus providing repeated blast resistance and continued fire protection, together with emergency egress or access.

Below I am sharing seven hacks you must follow to secure your sliding doors from thieves.

1. Install Sliding Door Barricade

Barricade is the kind of barrier that restricts sliding door, even if the lock has been broken. It is screwed to the floor next to the door. Barricade doesn’t take much space.

It can be fixed by making a few holes in the ground. It physically obstructs the horizontal sliding of panes.

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2. Use Security Bar

Security bar works exactly similar to the barricade. Adjustable length of this bar makes it extremely user-friendly. You can easily adjust the right length according to the door size and put it in the track of your sliding door. This will freeze the sliding movement of the door.

As this is not bolted permanently with any screws, you can remove it during the day or when it is not required to facilitate free sliding. Try purchasing a bar made up of steel or hardwood to efficiently endure the pressure.  A strong security bar is simple and cost effective way to secure doors.

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3. Fix Defender Security Lock

Defender security lock is a loop lock, which is purposefully designed to secure the door to the jamb. It has a solid steel locking bar and a die-cast mounting plate with a keeper.

It is installed on the door jamb with the installation fasteners. It can be either installed on the top or at the bottom of the door. However, if you have kids, prefer fixing it on a higher position.

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4. Choose double panel glass for sliding doors

Though installation of locks, security bars and barricades completely restrict sliding of door panels, even if lock has broken; you can’t stop intruders to enter after breaking glass.

To counter this always use double panel glass. Another option is to install glass film behind the glass to keep glass together even after an attack.

Window film perfectly blends with glass and makes it shatterproof and holds glass in place. A burglar will not be able to cross this film after smashing the glass.

5. Use some covering for glass

No matter how many efforts you have made to obstruct sliding and strengthening locks, you can’t leave the glass panels uncovered; when your home is alone or during the night.

An uninterrupted view of the home interior facilitates intruders to attack. When they can’t see inside, they get confused and less likely to take the risk to attack. You can choose any basic covering from blinds, fabric drapes and glass privacy films as a covering.

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6. Install home security system

Despite taking all precautions and security measures, intruder’s entry is unavoidable.

You can’t eliminate the probability of thieves attacking your home. You have to take some additional steps to at least receive notification before a thief enters in your house.

Installation of home security system is the perfect solution for this problem. This system has special sensors, which will notify you when someone is breaking a lock or glass and trying to open the door without your permission.

It automatically calls Security Company or triggers an alarm to notify residents about the intrusion.

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7. Illuminate exteriors with flood lights

Believe it or not, burglars hardly plan robberies during the daylight. They love working in the dark. If you really want to keep them away from your home, don’t forget to install a couple of smart flood lights in the front yard/backyard.

These lights also have sensors and capable to detect presence of large animals and humans moving close to your house. As soon as it detects any object it flashes the beam of bright light on the object. This makes thieves uncomfortable and they run away due to the fear of being caught.

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Sliding doors look not only great but also offers multiple benefits like smaller space requirement, functionality and wider entry space. However, you can’t ignore the security risks associated with them.

Whether the installation of a sliding door at your patio or front yard is your biggest wish or it’s your compulsion, you can choose it fearlessly. All you need is to use these simple hacks to secure your sliding doors from thieves I have shared above.


  1. Hey there,
    Thank you for writing about security issues with the home.
    I have also faced the same when I left my home for 2 days.
    For heavy-duty use, you need Steel Security Doors . They can withstand any pressure or foreseen and unforeseen attacks through it and are expected to be tough. In an institution or establishment, they have secured facets, where it can usually be installed in.

  2. Thanks for the advice to install your security locks a little bit higher if you have kids. My kids can reach the doorknobs to their rooms and are constantly unlocking and locking their doors. I think if I get security locks on my sliding doors I’ll keep what you said in mind and put them up high.

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