13 Proven Home Security Techniques in Winters

The world is facing a serious population crisis with an exponential increase in population over the last few years. Unfortunately, this increase in population has added a lot of stress because competition has increased and survival instincts, which may not be pretty, have come forward.

Moreover, the crime rate has also increased. The odd fact here is that burglaries and other similar crimes are committed more often in the winter season!

Protect Home in Winters

Therefore, to ensure the safety of you and your family, we’ve gathered a list of 13 tips that will help protect your house from break-ins this winter season! Keep reading to find out more!

1. Install an alarm in your house

This is a great but relatively expensive way to protect your home from theft this winter season. There are many different kinds of alarms out there that work on different principles. Some work with the help of laser while others work by detecting heat and hence, body movements. Choose the one that suits the type of house you live in.

Not only will an alarm alert you but it will also scare the burglars away! If the alarm system is advanced, it may also come with the feature of auto-shutdown of the main doors of the house to prevent the entry of a burglar.

2. Get yourself a guard dog

Dogs are as loyal as loyalty can get. Therefore, it’s a great idea to get a pet guard dog for your home in order to make your house safe from burglars.

Train the dog to recognize the people you know and to bark at the people who you’re not familiar with. After all, everybody is afraid of barking dogs. In fact, dogs are one of the easiest ways of scaring a burglar away! Dogs give the great company too.

3. Always check all the external doors of your house before you go to sleep

Some days, you might be too lazy or tired to do this but never skip this step even if you’re too tired to walk. Force yourself to get up. Unlocked doors give burglars a great advantage and a point of entry.

Therefore, to protect your house from break-ins, it’s vital that you lock all your doors before sleeping. Better safe than sorry, right?

4. Invest in manual locks that can only be opened from the inside

Picking a lock that requires a key is actually easier than you think and for experts like burglars, it’s a piece of cake. Therefore, in order to make your house safe from burglars, you need to invest in some manual locks that work on physical principles instead of mechanical ones!
Manual locks are also pretty cheap so this tip won’t even cost you a lot!

5. Don’t leave hiding spaces for burglars

Houses with big and widespread trees in their lawns are easier to break in to because burglars can easily hide behind the trees and then emerge only during the night when everyone is asleep and they can finally perform their crime. Therefore, chop your trees regularly to make sure no one can hide behind them.

Furthermore, if you have a multi-storey house, make sure that the trees cannot reach any window on the top floor. Also, try parking your cars close to the wall in the garage or the door so that there’s no space between the wall and the car for anyone to hide.

6. Install protective fences

In order to protect your house from break-ins, you should install protective fences on the walls of your house. These fences prevent burglars from climbing the wall and breaking into your house. Such fences work on many different physicals. Some are connected to wires and electrocute whatever touches the fence.

Other lighter versions include those that contain shreds of glass on them or barbed wires so that no one can climb the fences without getting seriously injured.

7. Make sure all your curtains are down before you sleep

During the night, it’s easier for people to peek inside the house because the house is well-lit from the inside. On the other hand, the exterior of the house isn’t that well-lit.

Therefore, burglars can easily peek inside the house to watch your moves without themselves being noticed. To prevent this from happening, get your windows coated with a material that prevents people from seeing through the glass.

8. Increase the lighting outside your house and in your lawn

This is a pretty effective method of preventing your home from theft. Light scares burglars away. They’re way more likely to break into houses that aren’t well lit on the outside. Therefore, to make your house safe from burglars, it’s highly recommended that you install a few lights in your yard.

9. Hire a guard for the entire street

Hiring an individual guard will probably cost you way too much. Therefore, talk to your neighbors and collectively hire a guard for your whole street. The guard can easily scare burglars away and protect your house from theft.

If hiring a guard is still very costly, then consider hiring a guard for the night-shift only. This way, you’ll have to pay the guard for fewer duty hours. Make sure that the guard is from a well-trusted agency and knows how to deal with burglars.

10. Tint your windows

Tinting your windows is an excellent way of maintaining the privacy of your house and protecting your house from break-ins. When burglars can’t observe your activities through windows, they can’t figure out your schedule and hence, won’t what the right time to break in is.

Burglars usually target houses that can be easily observed from the windows. They don’t just break in, they actually do their homework before breaking in and tinting your windows will prevent them from doing exactly that.

11. Never leave the house will all the lights off

An empty house with no security is like winning the lottery for a burglar. Always keep a few lights inside the house open whenever you plan on leaving for a vacation and keep asking your neighbors to check your house from the outside and see if things look fine. Don’t ask them to enter the house because it’s possible that they may leave it unlocked accidentally.

12. Always inform a limited number of people whenever you’re going out on a vacation

Unfortunately, babysitters and other employees of the house are very commonly involved in burglaries. Therefore, whenever you plan on leaving the city, give your house help or babysitters a vacation in advance, and stir something up instead of telling them that you’re leaving.

I know that a lot of babysitters out there are just like family, but you need to be careful and take every precaution you can in order to protect your home from theft. Don’t trust any employee of your house as much as you trust your family!

13. Never leave the city without informing your neighbors

Neighbors can be pretty helpful when it comes to protecting your house from break-ins. This is because they can observe your house from a distance and from their point of view, burglars can be easily visible.

Therefore, whenever you leave town, inform your neighbors and ask them to look after your house for you while you’re not there. For this, you first need to build a strong and nice relationship with your neighbors. Of course, your neighbors should qualify as nice and decent people before you start to confide in them!

So, what are you waiting for? Follow these tips shown above in order to make sure your house is safe from burglars. After all, nothing is more important than your security, right? Don’t be afraid to invest when it comes to security, it’s always worth it in the end!

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