9 Proven Techniques to Improve Your Front Door Security

Your home’s front door is the key to your secured or unsecured home. It is the basic determinant of how likely your home is to be broken in by an intruder. Most of the criminal break-in cases reported showing that the intruder used front doors or windows to get in.

Front Door Security

With everything known to human mind being revolutionized as smart, burglars are also equipped with smartest ideas and tools to destroy your home’s peace of security.

Let’s have a look at some more likely ways to advance your door security.

1. Smart Door locks

Door locks are your main security agents. Rusted, old, loose locks are more of a threat to home’s security rather than protectors.

Use locks and doorknobs that do not leave any room for the burglar to show his artistry. Choose a lock that gets locked only from inside and has no way outside to be opened by a foster key or any other tool.

In that case deadbolt is your solution that has only one side key engagement and much reliable than a mere spring latch.

Keep a check of existing locks and replace them with better quality and solid locks that are not easily broken. You can choose from a wide variety of locks.

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2. Use of longer screws

Usually, locks go a few inches into the door which makes them weak and vulnerable. Few seconds of kicking and banging can cause them to loosen from their locus.

Use screws that are long enough to go a few more inches deeper into the door. Also, lock screws should not be open and visible on the exterior of a lock. Select locks which have hidden hardware and do not have space for open screws or latches.

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3. Door hardware

The door’s hardware is as important as the door and locks. People tend to neglect the maintenance of handles, knobs, hinges etc.

They play a crucial role as inferred by some reported incidents in which burglars easily took advantage of loose and fragile hinges, handles, fasteners and door frames.

Lock and door frames must never be overlooked and should be installed with several screws so that they are hardened into door and wall respectively.

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4. Smart Doorbell Cameras

Monitoring your home’s front is one of the best ways to keep a security check. Cameras are nowadays an inexpensive solution towards safer homes as survey suggests such homes are less likely to be broken into. You can have a look at some low cost security cameras.

Some people install a fake camera to delude intruders. These dummy cameras got hype because they are low in cost and can make a burglar think twice but on the other hand create a false sense of security and you may leave your surroundings unmonitored.

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5. Door barricades

Metal barricades are a decent, low cost option to secure swinging doors. They physically hold it from inside which gives added strength against the door when it is kicked.

Companies make portable door barricades as well, wherever you are staying while travelling your door’s security is on the go with you.

6. Peephole Door Camera

Peepholes are an age-old idea to keep residents informed of what they are going to open their home to. You are living in 21st century why not to install a camera in your door instead of simple peepholes?

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These peepholes look exactly like old-fashioned, simple peepholes. Remember to install them at wide-angled to get maximum exposure of outside.

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7.  Strong front door

It is very necessary to choose door’s material wisely. Often people tend to buy fancy looking stylish doors.

This is a mistake you are making if you doing so. You have to sacrifice your aesthetic sense and go for the doors that essentially provide safety and support. With that, it is meant by the core of the door.

Doors inside the house are usually hollow and weak but front should be sturdy and strong from its core.

Metal i.e. iron and steel doors are regarded best when it comes to reliability as they are really hard to break through.

Glass doors are not recommended concerning their fragility unless you use high-quality fiberglass which is quite expensive. It totally depends upon you if you are willing to pay enough to keep a door that fits looks and security aspects both.

8. Never use glass on front door

Doors having glass panes, windows or glass décor are very easy targets for intruders. Just a kick and bamn! Your door can be opened in few seconds.

Try to replace any glass accessories present in your door with metal or wood or use trustworthy fiberglass.

9. Door Entry stopper

Entry Stoppers at the door have loaded spring to stop the opening of swinging doors from outside when in locked position.

They are effectively resistant to a huge amount of force and their spring load design avoid thieves from easily picking the lock. They can be fixed at any height along the door in case you need to keep them out of children’s reach.

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There can always be room for more improvements apart from these. Start finding with ones that need earliest and utmost attention and decide whether you need to upgrade your security yourself or are in a need of a professional’s help.


  1. I want to make sure that my front door is safe from robberies. It makes sense that I would want to get a strong front door. That seems like a good way to ensure that nobody can break through it.

  2. I was really impressed by all the additional technology that door locks can have nowadays. Since we worked really hard to secure the investment we currently have in our house, I want to do whatever I can so that we won’t be broken in by any burglars or thieves. These kinds of systems and gadgets sound like they can help, so I’ll look for any residential security experts that can assist me with getting some.

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