What To Do After You’ve Been Burgled?

You are headed towards home after a long day at work; drive your car into the driveway and open your door. A horrible scene welcomes you in! Items tossed on the floor, wardrobe and drawers pulled out, and glass everywhere makes you realize you have been raided.

Indeed, it is a nightmare to enter your home and realize your essential things are stolen or broken. Besides the financial impact, an emotional turmoil might hit you, knowing that a stranger entered your home. Nevertheless, if you know what to do after you have been stolen, you might recover quickly and prevent your home from this again.

The article lists down essential tips that you must follow after you have been burgled. Could you take a look at it?

1. Inform the police

The first tip might sound obvious and common sense, but still, it doesn’t hit people because of the anxiety. Therefore, take a deep breath, and stay calm. There might be a tiny chance that the thief is still inside your home. In a situation where you suspect him inside and hear a noise, call the nearby police station.

If it’s the other way round, never touch the things around after a call. You might erase down the evidence. Leave the items as you found, and call the police at the crime scene to lodge a complaint. The police might collect the evidence and give you a complaint number, which you can track down.

2. Lock your home again

Most of the time, robbers break into your home after damaging your locks. Therefore, after a detailed suspect ion from the police, call the locksmith, and change all your home locks. Find out the place where he possibly entered your home, and make sure to change the locks urgently.

3. Look out at the missing pieces

It is essential to look around and know what has been stolen from your home. For instance, your credit card bills might be stolen by a robber, which might reveal your identity. It is crucial to report this to the police. Call the concerned department if your credit cards, identity cards, or mobile sim have been robbed.

If your electronic devices, including iPad, smartphones, or tablets, have been stolen, check the finder apps, and try to locate the whereabouts of the burglar. You might find a substantial lead. Likewise, check whether the spare keys of your home or car are stolen or not.

4. Present insurance claims

Take your file of insurance out, and check the policy to see what you are entitled to claim after a burglary. While quite a few items might not be high in value to be mentioned in the claim, there could be provisions to put those items in the lawsuit.

You might have to prove ownership of your things. Therefore look out for the receipts. A file including tickets, product serial numbers, copies of passport, credit card numbers, and valuations benefits you in such cases.

Similar to things, if you have pictures of your home before the robbery, you might use them as evidence for insurance purposes.

The evidence marks the damages and repairs required for your home after a break-in. Further, items you share sentiments with, including jewelry, must be noticed separately in the insurance policy.

5. Opt for a security audit

Look for other ways to help a stranger break into your home. After a break-in, you can opt for a security audit all over your home. This includes climbing a fence or a balcony that leads to doors and windows.

After a detailed security audit, take the necessary steps. Make sure you make these points less accessible and limit the chances of getting robbed again.

You can opt for surveillance cameras too, and track every move around your home on your smartphone. In case you find suspicious activity, you can call the police for immediate action.

6. Look out for help:

It is fine if you feel anxious or traumatized, even if you didn’t encounter the robber. If you seek help to address the emotional fallout, there is no shame in that. You might have sleepless nights after it.

For this reason, you must take the necessary steps. This includes talking out to your family and friends, asking them for help, and opting for counseling or therapeutic sessions.

7. Consider preventive measures

It’s high time to consider preventive measures after a burglary attempt. For this reason, you can do the following things:

  • Make sure to hide valuable items in a place that is difficult to access.
  • Keep your car keys away from the front door, which minimizes the chance of a quick gateway.
  • Go for a security audit after every six months.
  • Install security alarms and cameras around your home. Monitor them wisely, preferably installed by a professional company
  • Make sure you know your neighbors well, so you can look for each other when one of you isn’t around.
  • Don’t show off or advertise your packages around the street. These packages alert robbers around the road.
  • Outdoor lighting deters robbers.
  • Avoid telling your whereabouts to people you don’t trust well, and never show on social media when you are away on holiday.
  • Take ladders and such stuff away because they offer easy access to the home.

Getting your home robbed is a horrible experience. Knowing a stranger stepped into your home behind your back is a terrible feeling even if you are lucky and not much is taken. If you live alone, it can be challenging.

Having friends and family around is a good idea; they might help you come to terms with the experience. It might take longer than expected, but it had to be done. At first, try to stay calm, call the police immediately, and then follow our lead listed above.

Keep in mind that feeling anxious, angry, and depressed is entirely normal and will go away with time. Further, opt for preventive measures and save yourself and your loved ones.

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