10 Tips to Stay Safe When You Live Alone!

Having an apartment or home alone can be fun, giving you the freedom to do whatever you like. There are no roommates to control you, and no one tells you what and how to do a particular thing.

You can binge on your favorite food, watch programs you like, and do home décor as you wish. However, being alone also means being solely responsible for your personal safety and home security.

Some people want to live alone but don’t feel secure. If you belong to the same category, there is nothing to worry about.

This article will shed light on some genius ways to stay safe when you live alone. So, let’s explore the best tips in this regard. 

1.Implement Daily Safety Practices

Routines are essential, whether a cup of coffee for a daily startup or anything else. It protects you from mental health issues and helps in accomplishing everyday tasks. What if you realize that implementing daily safety practices can actually make you safer at home?

Try to follow the following tasks in your routine to make yourself safe and secure while you live alone.

  • Make a habit of locking your doors and windows, especially before sleeping or going out.
  • Do not make your blinds open at night.
  • Trim your shrubs and trees for improved visibility and to notice anything unusual behind them.
  • Add pepper spray to your keychain to get rid of any uncommon practice.
  • Bring necessary things for yourself during the day, and do not leave your home at night.

2.Amp Up Your Security System

Consider upgrading your security system for added peace of mind. Employ the latest technology at your home to keep an eye on each corner of the house. For this, you need to install:

  • Security cameras at different intersections of the house.
  • Sensor outdoor lights. They provide extra safety and illuminate evil deeds beforehand.
  • Smart doorbell. It gives the impression that you are at home while actually, you aren’t.

3.Create A List of Emergency Numbers

Keep a list of emergency numbers on your phone, paste them on your walls, or keep them inside the drawer. Make them readily accessible, and this will help you during times of need. You can list down the following numbers to seek abrupt help:

  • Your doctor’s number.
  • Fire brigade’s number.
  • Police number.
  • Ambulance number.
  • Neighbor’s or friend’s number, etc.

4.Make Your Home Smarter

Smart homes add convenience and added security to people’s life. So, make your home smarter to enjoy a peaceful life. This will give you long-term benefits and will save you from anything wrong.

Buy smart home devices or beginner’s kits to be at peace. For instance, indoor and outdoor cameras, video doorbells, water leak detectors, smart thermostats, etc.

5.Know Your Exit Options

Make a map of your home and think about worst-case scenarios like in case of fire or an emergency.

Visualize the situation and think of options for your exit plan. You should know where you can escape and make a plan accordingly. Also, keep emergency money close to your escape and never forget to take your phone with you. 

6.Hire Only Those Whom You Trust

Home repairs are common, and it becomes necessary to call certain people to fix plumbing or home maintenance issues. However, in doing so, you must be vigilant and take preventive measures while alone. For this, you should only hire people you or your community members trust.

Before trusting a service provider, be willing to see his online reviews or recommendations. Also, do not share your personal information with everyone providing a service. Do this at the last step when you get to know someone personally.

7.Secure The Garage

Intruders might gain entry from the home’s garage, especially if it is insecure. Therefore, protect your home by securing the garage. For this, you need to play the following tricks:

  • Frost the windows and obscure the garage’s interior.
  • Monitor the garage’s activity with the help of small tools.
  • Install motion-detecting floodlights for enhanced security.
  • Consider buying a garage door lock.
  • Lock the door between your garage and the home and install security cameras.

8.Always Lock the Door

Make it a habit to lock your door whenever you come inside the home or go outside. The harder you make it for a burglar to enter your home, the less likely a break-in will occur.

Though everyone can’t remember to lock the door, and it’s pretty normal. In such a case, you can set reminders on your phone or add a sign to the door for remembering.

9.Get A Four-Legged Security Guard

Dogs can detect unusual things more quickly than humans. Their fast reaction can scare the intruders, and they can either run away, or you have much time to call the police. Therefore, getting a four-legged security guard is suitable for added safety.

10.Get To Know Your Neighbors

Get introduced to your neighbors and have cordial relations with them. Exchange numbers and tell them you live alone so they can offer help as required. Also, inform them when you go out of town so that they take care of any unusual happening in your absence.

There are several ways to meet your neighbors, especially when you are new in an area. For instance:

  • Introduce yourself with a kind gesture and throw a small party.
  • Go to community events to get to know them and exchange your views.
  • Make some friends in your close neighborhood by spending some time outside in the evening.


Is it dangerous to be home alone?

It is not always harmful to be alone while at home. However, one needs to take precautionary measures to be safe and secure.
Moreover, if the person is calm and not afraid of being alone, the experience can also be rewarding.

If there is an emergency, should I call emergency services or parents first?

When faced with an emergency situation, it is best to call the emergency service before calling your parents.
The emergency services allow police, fire brigade, and other first responders to react quickly to an emergency situation.

What’s another way to contact my parents if my phone isn’t working?

Good relations with your neighbors are essential, especially while you live alone. They can provide immediate help in states of emergency.
If your phone isn’t working and you need to call your parents, visit your neighbors. Use their phone and contact your parents accordingly.


Sometimes you do not have any choice but to live alone. However, it can turn out to be fun and a little scary at the same time. You can eliminate fear if you are well equipped with safety measures.

Make sure you have the necessary equipment and smart technology to protect yourself and the home. We hope that you have benefitted from the above information and you’ll implement these to feel secure and have a better sense of well-being.

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