15 Reasons to Cover Your Laptop Camera Right Away!

In a world like ours, privacy is a thing of the past. With the introduction of applications that are aimed at gathering your data in the name of “optimization”, it’s hard to maintain one’s privacy. Sometimes, this data may be hacked, in which case it can be used for all the wrong purposes.

One pretty common method of invading someone’s privacy is by hacking their laptop camera. Therefore, to keep your privacy from being invaded, you should block your laptop camera at all times, except when you want to use it. Who knows, your creepy neighbor might be watching you!

Blocking your laptop camera has become a necessary form of security today. Here are 15 reasons why you should cover your laptop camera!

1. Blocking your laptop’s camera enables you to work, sleep and walk unclothed in your own house

Many people feel comfortable naked in their own houses. However, if your laptop camera is uncovered, your laptop could easily be hacked by a creepy neighbor or a pervert in order to see you in that form.

There are way too many horny people out there for you to risk walking around unclothed without blocking your laptop camera.

2. The FBI wants you to do it!

Okay, seriously. Shit just got serious pretty quickly! The FBI has advised people to cover their laptops. So, if you’re still asking yourself the question, “is it necessary for me to block my laptop camera too?”, then I hope you know the answer by now.

After all, you can’t ignore the FBI’s advice, can you? What’s more is that they also gave a useful DIY laptop camera cover, that is, just put some colored tape across your camera!

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3. The founder of Facebook does it too

If this isn’t enough to convince you to block your laptop’s camera, then I don’t know what is. When such computer experts themselves cover their laptop’s camera and urge you to do the same, why wouldn’t you want to follow their advice?

4. It can save you from potential blackmailers

One of the easiest ways of blackmailing people is through photos or videos that aren’t meant to be viewed by the public.

Hackers can hack your laptop cameras and blackmail you after taking videos and photos of you in conditions you wouldn’t want to expose yourself in the general public, for example, in cases where you just got out of the shower.

5. If you’re a woman, you definitely need to block your laptop’s camera!

Now, I don’t mean to be sexist here, but statistics say that women have a far greater chance of falling prey to hackers than do men!

The best way to cover your laptop’s camera is to put a small square-sized cardboard over it and then secure the cardboard with tape. Try not to put tape directly over the camera because it may leave a residue when you actually need to use the camera.

6. Your camera’s small light doesn’t necessarily have to light up if it has been hacked

Hackers know how to make sure that your camera’s light is turned off when they’ve hacked your laptop’s camera. Therefore, if you’re still asking yourself questions like, “is it necessary to cover laptop camera” then the answer is a big fat yes! You need to block your laptop’s camera.

There are many different DIY laptop camera covers that you can find online, which will give you the best way to cover your laptop’s camera!

7. It’s safe for your children

Unfortunately, kidnappers often use hacking devices to monitor the pattern of the parents and the kids to see when the kids are left alone. For the safety of your kids, it’s advised that you block your laptop’s camera. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

8. It’s free!

Some of our top security concerns like hiring a guard or installing a CCTV outside your house can actually cost you a lot. However, this precautionary measure costs almost nothing and provides such immense security benefits!

9. It takes less than 5 minutes to make a DIY laptop camera cover

One of the reasons people don’t take security concerns seriously is because of the amount of time it takes to take care of those concerns. However, making a DIY laptop camera cover will take you less than 5 minutes, which is why you shouldn’t hesitate while taking this precautionary measure!

10. It saves you money in the long run!

Imagine a scenario were a hacker ultimately hacks your laptop’s camera and invades your privacy to a great extent. What would you do next? Of course, you would alert the authorities and an investigation would go on. You may even need to hire a lawyer! Blocking your laptop’s camera prevents you from going through all of this trouble!

11. It’s a digital world that we live in

How many hours a day do you spend on your laptop, whether it’s for work or any other purpose? I’m sure that the answer is definitely a lot.

As the world is becoming more and more technologically focused, the average time spent in front of laptops has increased, increasing the need for greater precautionary measures against laptop camera hackers! Don’t procrastinate this and don’t be lazy.

Making a DIY laptop camera cover barely takes any time and it gives such great benefits and precautionary measures!

12. It makes sure that your passwords don’t get leaked

Although your laptop’s camera doesn’t face the keyboard directly, your hand movements can still be used by hackers to determine which keys you’re typing. This can eventually be used to gather information about passwords, including online banking profile passwords, which is actually a pretty big threat!

13. You don’t want embarrassing photos or videos of yourself to be circulated in groups “just for the humor”

Unfortunately, many hackers just hack laptop cameras “for fun.” What I mean by this is that the moment they catch you doing something embarrassing or funny, they’ll make a video of it and share it with their hacker friends or even upload it on YouTube. You don’t want to be famous for picking your nose every now and then, right?

14. There are more hackers in the world than you think

Hacking doesn’t require rocket science, which is why there are so many hackers out there. It’s a skill that can easily be learned and applied. Therefore, if you think that you’re safe because you don’t think hackers exist around your area, then you seriously need to reconsider your thoughts

15. It will take a great load off your chest

Unless you’re a very ignorant person who lives under a rock, you’ve probably heard about how hackers can gain access to your laptop’s camera. Whether you chose to fully believe it or not, hearing it did plant a seed of worry in your heart.

Therefore, why not just get that load off your chest and then block your laptop’s camera so that you can be safe rather than sorry? There are many pretty laptop camera covers out there that you can buy as well if you’re concerned about your laptop’s aesthetics. In fact, Amazon has some of the best laptop camera covers.


In short, blocking your laptop’s camera is a simple and easy way by which you can ensure your safety and privacy against hackers, along with the safety and privacy of your loved ones that are around you. There are many ways to make a DIY laptop camera cover that you can find online.

The best way to cover your laptop’s camera is to cut a small piece of card paper and paste it over your laptop’s camera. This way, the tape won’t stick directly to the camera and there will be no sticky remnants or scratches on your laptop’s camera when you do wish to use it! I hope we’ve convinced you as to why it’s necessary to cover your laptop’s camera!

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