7 Best Guard Dog Breeds To Protect Your Home 24/7

Dogs undoubtedly are man’s best friend and while their assistance and capability are unlimited, here; however, we will be discussing a different feat of our canine friends, the Top 7 breeds for home security.

Dogs today serve with handicapped individuals, while others entertain us with their agility.

They are also used for detective work using their exceptional sense of smell, however, one act that has been associated with dogs since always is their loyalty to their owner and their ability to guard and protect.

Almost any dog will stand in front of their owner in times of need; however, some breeds are built to be guard dogs, with their physical features, nature, and qualities complimenting their guarding skills.

Some of the best-known guard dogs that serve as best dog breeds for home security are:

1. BullMastiff

A naturally strong built canine that acquires the intelligence and temperament of a perfect companion and a watchdog, BullMastiffs are very active, agile, loyal and courageous.

Owed to their large size, a typical male BullMastiff can weigh up to 59 kg and can easily tackle a full-grown man. Females weigh at maximum of 54 kg.

The BullMastiff breed male canine can go as 27 inches in height and can learn to obey commands and can be taught and trained using unconventional methods.

 2. Doberman Pinscher

If you are looking for a dog that can protect a large property area, this is the breed for you.

Doberman is one of the best guard dogs there is, owed to its tremendous speed, requiring very little time to reach an intruder.

Dobermans are loyal and fearless guard dogs that are very alert and are considered as the fifth smartest breed of canines in the world.

Dobermans are muscular and squarely built and are a common option for energetic activities such as police work and military use.

Dobermans make excellent home security dogs. Typically Doberman males can weigh up to 45 kg while females weigh around 41 kg.

3. Rottweiler

Rottweiler is another guard dog breed that is very calm and committed. Rottweilers are natural assisters and are commonly used as cattle protecting breed as they are ruthless guardians of cattle packs.

An exceptional feature of Rottweiler is that besides being an intelligent breed, it is known to be unfriendly with any stranger until properly introduced to by the owner.

Rottweilers are swift learners and movers and overprotective when it senses danger, thus serving as exceptional guard dogs for home security. This medium-built breed can weigh up to 59 kg (male) and 52 kg (female).

4. German Shepherd

Bold, confident, versatile, calm, and extremely protective are a few words that define the German shepherd breed of dogs.

Originally associated with herding sheep and cattle on farms, the German shepherd has also proven their mark by serving as an excellent military and police dogs.

German Shepherds are intelligent canines with an exceptional sense of smell that is unchallenged by any other breed. Owed to their power they are considered as the best dog breeds for home security and protection.

A German shepherd can weigh up to 40 kg (male & female).

5. Giant Schnauzer

A company craving dog, Giant Schnauzers are loyal and energetic, besides being very powerful.

This is an excellent dog breed for home security, as its bushy and thick coat makes it impossible to get hold of easily.

Schnauzers require strict mental training and physical encouragement, as they are calm dogs with a strong built.

They generally do not bark much until they feel danger and are extremely loyal rendering them as the best dog breed for security purposes.

A typical Giant Schnauzer will weigh between 34 to 36 kg maximum.

6. Rhodesian Ridgeback

This canine breed was originally bred for lion hunting owed to its strong drive towards prey and its independent nature.

Ridgebacks are natural guard dogs, that are loyal and calm and bark only when needed, thus they require to be taken seriously when they do bark.

Owed to the breed’s independent nature, ridgebacks are not very obedient by nature; however, through constant proper training and management, they can be made to obey orders.

Male Rhodesian Ridgebacks can weigh up to 39 kg, while females can put up to 32 kg of weight.

7. Kuvasz

A natural guard dog breed owed to its territorial nature and an inherent aptitude towards guarding its family and home, the Kuvasz is very indifferent to strangers while being extremely affectionate to its family.

Kuvasz is muscled, powerful canines with a wolf-like glide.

They are excellent companions and are naturally graceful and very well cultured in their ways.

Kuvasz is an admirable dog breed for home security. A male Kuvasz can weigh up to 52 kg and a female Kuvasz can weigh up to 40 kg.

In a nutshell, these are the top 7 best dog breeds for home security. Having a guard dog is a definite step forward towards securing your home, but this security measure comes with a lot of responsibility. A guard dog demands that the owner take complete care of the canine and know in details about its health, training and other requirements.

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