What to Do If You Are Home During a Break-In?

We all have watched documentaries in the crime genre, showing traumatic break-ins that filled us with fear and horror. For many of us, the idea of someone breaking into our home is the worst nightmare. Luckily, unlike in movies, burglars don’t intend to harm you in person and might steal your belongings and run away.

It is still pretty terrifying to wake up and realize someone has invaded your privacy, whatever the situation is. Further, you can’t even read someone’s mind and be aware of intentions beforehand.

Quite a few preventive measures are available, including home security systems. This is one of the best defense mechanisms. That being said, there are some steps you might take in advance to prepare yourself for the event.

Before a break-in takes place:      

1. Opt for an emergency plan

It is essential to have a plan beforehand. For this, call a family meeting! Choose an emergency spot down the street, where everyone can meet if something terrible happens.

If you have children or elders, who require assistance, make sure family members are responsible for helping them.

In case your neighbors are your safe space, inform them. Adjust your plan accordingly, and let each family member know about it.

2. Install a home security system:

It is essential to install a home security system. Secondly, make sure a family member is responsible for arming it right at night. You can automate your home security system when you are away from home.

Preset your plan in such a way that authorities are alerted soon automatically, in case you don’t have your phone. Check all the windows and doors, and make sure they are locked.

3. Keep your phone and car keys around

In a situation where a burglar breaks into your home, make sure you have a phone around to make a call. If you have a car, keep the keys near your phone in an emergency.

In between a break-in:

1. Calm yourself down, and try not to make a sound

Sometimes, you might forget to put an alarm on the security system, and a burglar found a way to past it. In such situations, your response towards it is pretty essential. Your first instinct might ask you to face the intruder; however, there are better options!

Keep in mind that you don’t know the burglar, and reacting to its presence might worsen the situation. Yelling will make it easier to find you, and the intruder might harm you.

Calm yourself down and lock yourself in your room. In case you have access to emergency space, contact your family, and ask them to reach the point.

2. Make a call for help

Now, when the door is locked, grab your mobile phone and make a call. Call a helpline, and let them know your name and address. Say that someone is in your home, and tell them any other information if you have.

Stay on the phone with the operator, and communicate openly. Decide on what to do next, and follow the instructions given. Remember, the sooner you call, the sooner help will arrive. Further, the operator might have helpful advice, so listen carefully.

Alternatively, if you have a home security system installed, it will alert you as soon as someone tries to break in. Further, the cameras provide sufficient evidence for officials to track the person who tries to break in. Moreover, the security system discourages burglars before they even get started.

3. If you aren’t a trained professional, don’t take hold of a weapon

The list of weapons includes a knife, firearms, pepper spray, gun, or baseball bat. It might sound like a heroic idea, but it isn’t sure, especially when your intruder has a weapon. If your intruder sees you with a weapon, they are more likely to harm you with their weapon.

In addition, when you aren’t aware of how to use that weapon, you are more likely to harm yourself or one of your family members.

4. Be cooperative if you come across the invader

It might be possible that you bump into the invader when you are trying to escape or hiding somewhere.

Though it might be intimidating to confront the invader, don’t make rash decisions. Further, don’t make sudden movements or try to grab a weapon; your intruder might take it as a threat. In turn, the intruder might harm you or your family.

Keep your hands visible so they know that you aren’t hiding any weapon or trying to incite violence. Get a better glimpse of their looking’s and characteristics. This would benefit you in the future when you describe the police. Further, don’t make eye contact; this might pose a threat.

In a case they try to give you demands, act accordingly. Leave your belongings with them. They aren’t worth your life. Further, if they try to take you anywhere (kidnap), try to make a noise and alert your neighbors.

A break-in is a traumatic experience, and therefore it is essential to opt for preventive measures beforehand. However, stay calm if it happens. Further, take some time out, and enhance the security of your home to avoid it.

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