7 Stunning Gadgets to Improve Security of Your Home Under $300

Warmth and comfort are primary aspects to consider when you are living in your home.

However, coziness is nothing if you do not take full proof security measures to ensure your home’s safety.

These safety measures are not as costly as you think. There was time, when security products were reserved for celebrities and influential personalities. But, with the advent of technology, even an average man can secure his home at affordable rates.

7 Gadgets to Improve Security of Your Home

So, here are the top 7 gadgets for a safe and secure living system.

1. Tepoinn Outdoor Smart Security Light

These light fixtures are one of the best safety gadgets invented to this date. It is a super stylish outdoor light attached to the wall right next to your main door.

The look is so sleek and modern, no one could guess there is a security camera attached to it.

This device is connected to your smartphone. It allows you to watch the motion outside your door, record videos and talk to the person at your door.

It is also equipped with an alarm and a motion detector that alerts your phone when someone’s at the door.

You can buy this amazing smart light from here.


2. Kiwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Believe it or not, your door lock can be unlocked pretty easily. Yes, of course, you can add hooks, chains and master locks behind the door. But, how about you choose a smarter solution?

Smart lock by Kiwikset is a conventional lock integrated with latest technologies. It offers three main features.


  • Security Code: With a unique access code, you can enter your home without a key. You use a code instead of a key to lock and unlock your door. This is the “Touch to Open” feature of Kiwikset. You can also send a code, called an eKey, to your family and friends using the Kevo smartphone application. Family, friends and other relevant people can enter your home when you are not around to receive them. This eKey can be deleted at any time. Only send eKeys to people who you fully trust.


  • Lock History: The device keeps track of the eKeys you assigned and the number of times it is used. You can track the day, date and entry/exit times. It also alerts you when someone enters your house with the assigned codes. You can simply call and confirm if the assigned person entered your home and not someone else.


  • Unlocking from your Smartphone: You are tired of the doorbell ringing after every few minutes? Well, with the smart lock you can unlock the door right from your couch. This is a dream feature for all the couch potatoes. And an ideal one for parties and family gatherings.

There are also other features like checking your lock status, Bluetooth enabled locking and unlocking and more.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt Finish: Satin Nickel
  • Your Smartphone is now your key - touch to open convenience
  • NOW get FREE ekeys! Send and manage eKey access via smartphone
  • Bluetooth Smart ready with a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device
  • Works with select iOS and Android devices (wider compatibility with updated Google Play Kevo app which determines full and partial compatibility) - please check compatibility (below) before purchase

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3. Heimvision Security Camera

Heimvision is a flexible security camera that is more advanced than a conventional camera.

It has multiple features like 32 gigabytes video storage, cloud video storage, sound recognition, motion detection, 2-way audio, digital zoom and more.


It offers high definition videos and a crystal-clear view of the scene even at night-time. Not only that, Heimvision also allows us to record time-lapse videos.

This product is highly flexible and can easily be installed anywhere in the house; from walls to ceilings.

Its wireless feature allows you to connect it to your smartphone using your internet. This enables you to monitor your home through your phone.

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4. Korner Home Security

Korner home security is a product by Korner Safe. The Kit comes with a USB and tags.

The tags are attached at the top of your windows and doors. These sensors in the tags talk to the USB. It detects any intrusion at your door and rings an alarm.

To function the USB, plug it in your router. It connects to your smartphone through the Korner mobile application. If an intrusion happens, an alarm will go off that will alert your phone. After this, you can take multiple preventive actions like calling the police or informing nearby friends and family.

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5. Scout Home Security System

Another super affordable, but highly flexible device is Scout. While all smart devices require internet, Scout comes with a cellular back up.

This enables the device to function even when the internet is down. But what about when the power goes out? The home security system also has a backup battery which keeps the device running.

In case of an intrusion, the device reports the exact door, window or cabinet that the intruder is trying to open. Alexa supports this security system.

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6. SkyLink Smart Home Security

This device not only notifies you of a potential break-in to your home but also gives you control over your home appliances and entrances.

It has an efficient alarm system that you can easily set up yourself. Arm your alarm before going to bed or leaving your home.

In case of a break-in, the sirens will immediately go off. In no time, help will arrive.

But that is not it. This device gives you additional control. You can open your garage on the click of a button through your smartphone.

It also gives you control over your lights, fans, heaters, coffee makers and other electronic devices. All in all, this product is a perfect combination of security, comfort and convenience.

There are wide range of SkyLink products with varying prices. You can start with a Starter Kit mini or Starter Kit Plus.


7. Gun Box

What if you don’t seek outside help and keep weapons to defend yourself? While this proposition sounds good, it may become risky.

First, it is a hassle to find the key to your box and unlock it. This is annoying especially during emergency situations. Second, what if the box gets into the wrong hands? Like, your children.

This simple Gun Box is the recommended solution to all above-mentioned problems.  This Gun Box uses a biometric to lock and unlock the box. The device only recognizes your fingertips.

That means only you have access to the box. The body is made of aluminum which makes it tough and unbreakable.

But that is not all. The device is connected to your smartphone which notifies you when your box is tampered with. Also, the design is so sleek and shiny that it will look like any other home appliance resting on your side table.

This multifunctional box is available for you on Amazon.com


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