Why Home Security System is Inevitable in 2024?

Many people do not consider home security until after they have been robbed in their own homes, for this reason, it’s crucial to be proactive in this regard.

Although, installing a home security system might seem like unnecessary trouble and an expensive feat, not having a security system can cause a lot more trouble in the long run.

Home security systems

Following are a few key reasons why security system is extremely important for every home and demonstrates why the advantages of installing a security system at home far outweigh the cost.

1. Safeguarding Your Home from Trespassers

Safeguarding your home and family from trespassers and burglars is one of the top reasons for investing in a home security system.

According to a study conducted in 2003, in United Kingdom, homes that do not have any security system installed are at a greater risk of robbed than the homes that do have a security system in place. Moreover, approximately 60% of robbers that have been sentenced stated that the mere presence of a security alarm system would prompt them to find another house to rob.

A life-threatening situation may occur if a robber breaks into a home without a security system, believing it to be empty and ends up running into a family member inside. 

In this particular situation, a security alarm allows the family members ample time to reach a secure place while alarming the local authority at the same time.

2. Securing Your Valuables

Over the period of our lives, we collect an array of valuables that we just do not treasure because they are costly but also because they hold some sentimental value to us.

However, a robber’s intention upon entering a house is to steal whatever is of value to him and sentimental value has no meaning.

In United States, approximately two and a half million robberies take place each year. These robberies result in costing homeowners an estimated $3.1 billion and approximately damage of $1,700 per robbery.

Not only do home security systems ward off intruders, but they also alarm authorities of robberies and the accompanying cameras in most modern security systems make it easier to identify what has been stolen as well as help catch the burglars.

3. Saving Your Family Members from Poisoning Caused by Carbon Monoxide

An odor-free, colorless gas present in combustion fumes can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide can be expelled from various household appliances such as heating systems, stoves, gas ranges, etc.

Human beings cannot detect carbon monoxide and hence are unable to notice poisoning caused by it.

The red blood cells in the human body pick up carbon monoxide faster than it picks up oxygen.

As soon as these red blood cells discharge carbon monoxide in the bloodstream it starts to replace oxygen and results in preventing tissues and organs from getting essential oxygen to survive.

There are various symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, such as: nausea, vomiting, confusion, chest aches, dizziness and headaches.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can also cause death in severe cases.

In order to prevent these health hazards, special carbon monoxide sensors can be installed to detect leaks.

The sensors are similar to smoke detectors and can be installed separately or in conjunction with a home security system.

These sensors provide the option of supplying emergency service and call medical staff to handle CO symptoms. Timely detection and treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning is essential to deter any damage to the health caused by it.

4. Guard Your Home from Fire Outbreaks

Apart from providing protection against burglars, home security systems also provide protection against other threats such as fire outbreaks.

This feature of home security systems is more effective than smoke alarms as they are equipped with a system that provides early warning.

These security systems alert homeowners of smoke, also highlight heat sources and warn the right authorities in case of any hazardous situation.

As per the U.S. Fire Administration, a minor flame can evolve into a full-fledged fire within thirty seconds. The home can be choked with suffocating black smoke within minutes.

Hence, installing a home security system becomes even more crucial because of those two reasons in order to alarm authorities at the right time and avoid property damage and health hazards.

5. Remotely Monitor Your Home

Home alarm systems allow homeowners the advantage of monitoring their homes remotely.

Improved technology provides a useful feature of accessing home security system by connecting to the internet using a smartphone, tablet or a computer.

Moreover, advancement in technology in home alarm systems allows users the option to turn on house lights or turn them off as well as electronic appliances such as air conditioners.

They also allow remote enabling or disabling of the home alarm system, monitor cameras or motion detectors installed in the house.

Having access to the lights remotely can make it seem like someone is present in the house even though the house is empty, warding off any trespassers or burglars. All of these features can be at the fingertips at the expense of a minor fee.

6. Letting Someone Else Keep an Eye on Your Home

If monitoring the home personally is not an option, then this job can be outsourced to a monitoring service.

This will allow a stress-free business or leisure trip leaving the house to be monitored by a specialized service that will act in response to any emergency.

Although, these monitoring services do not keep a watch 24/7, they do keep a track of unusual activities and send authorities at the time of need.

Home security systems at times can be costly to install. However, their various advantages outweigh the cost and make them more than worth it since their role is paramount in reducing or preventing damage caused by instances such as natural disasters and theft.

The monitoring company ensures that adequate resources are always available to cater to such situations when they are alerted via sophisticated cameras and alarms.


  1. I’ve been considering installing a security system in our new home since I’m planning to store my family’s prized heirloom there. I would definitely feel more secure if I’m able to see what’s going on inside my house even if I’m not there. It would be nice if I could also manipulate our lighting and electronic appliances remotely.

  2. Wow, I never knew that security systems nowadays can even detect things like gas leaks and other kinds of hazards. This makes me think about how our appliances are constantly being used and how easily this could happen to us. I’ll make sure that we have these kinds of detection features included into any system we get installed by a security expert.

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