How to Rescue Yourself When Locked Out Of House?

Once in a lifetime, you experience getting yourself locked out of your house. You definitely forget the keys to your house inside the home. But we have an ultimate solution for opening a locked door with these wonderful 10 things which you can do immediately when you’re locked out of your house. So do not panic!

Locked out of your house

How to get into, when locked out of your house?

1. Call the family members to roommates if you have access to your phone. Reach your neighbors to call your family members.

2. If you are staying at a rental place, then call the landlord for the spare keys.

3. Try sneaking into your house by windows, garage or other doors.

4. Ask for help from the neighbors and borrow their tools or phone to call a family member.

5. If you have a screwdriver at home, get access to the doorknob or ask the neighbors for the screwdriver. You can use the screwdriver to remove the plate or visible screws from the doorknob.

6. If you experience door lockouts frequently, then keep a spare key with a friend, the relative or a neighbor.

7. Consider keeping a key at some hiding place nearby your property.

8. Make sure you keep your keys and other important items with you at all times.

9. You can call the locksmith with your mobile phones.

10. If you don’t have access to phones take help from the neighbors to contact a professional.

How Do You Unlock A Doorknob From The Outside?

The doorknob can be easily unlocked from outside by two immediate approaches:


You can open the doorknob by picking the lock yourself but it all depends on the different doors. If you have an old door, you can use the library card or credit card to open the doorknob. A laminated card is best suited and is flexible to open the standard latch lock.

If you believe your door is spring latch type, then only try using the card to open the door otherwise avoid using it. It locks the door if the handle of your door does not open with the card. Try using another door in the garage if you have one as it might be easier to enter. However, if it has a deadbolt lock, then it won’t open with the help of cards.

Slide your credit card between the frame and your home door. Now open the door with the handle to wedge the card between the door and frame. Place the card over the latched parallel to the knob to open the door. Jiggle the card until you find the right spot. Apply pressure over the handle to open the door while placing the card.


You can also remove the doorknob with the help of a screwdriver. However, this won’t work if you have a deadbolt type of knob. But most of the front doors are more secure than the garage doors so try entering through the extra door from the garage.

For this technique, you must know the screws installed in your doorknob. Contact the neighbor for the screwdriver or have a screwdriver in your car in case of emergency. Flathead of the screwdrivers allows the easy removal of the doorknobs.

What To Do If I Locked Myself Out Of My House?

The three immediate measures which I can do when I lock myself out of the house include:

1. You can call your family members, friends or the landlord. They might have spare keys to your home. You can take help from the neighbors if you have left your phone inside. The landlord or the management office might charge you with extra fees to get another key.

2. You can ask for help from the neighbors. They can help you with tools or allow you to have access to phones. The neighbors might help you get in with some bobby pins, screwdriver, ladder or others. They can also help by giving you a wire coat hanger or paperclip which you can use to open the lock.

3. You can check access to all doors, windows, and garages to enter the home. It is the best way to help yourself especially when you are living alone. You have no landlord or management office. It’s better to check the perimeters all around the house.

If your home has a window which is slightly open, then try removing the screen and open your window. If you have a garage try accessing it with a remote if you have your car keys. If you are staying in a townhouse, you won’t have more options like windows or backdoors. If the weather is pleasant, you might have left the side or back door open, then you can enter it otherwise there is no such option.

What To Do If I Locked My Keys In The House?

Different doors have locking mechanisms that vary from one another. Older house locks are easier to open while the newer ones are a bit tricky. However, you can use the following methods if you lock the keys in the house:

1. Use a bump key. They have crafted keys which you can use for unlocking the pin-based door lock systems. Such door lock systems are spring type and the ridges present over the keys open when pressed over the corresponding pins. Bump keys work well for home locks as they are single-sided.
2. You can use the butter knife by turning it into the makeshift door lock pick.
3. You can use multiple paperclips and turn them into a lockpick.
4. You can use a professional lock pick tool but you need to learn how to use it.
5. You can pick your door lock by using the bobby pins.

However, if you have an emergency situation like a baby crying inside the home, something boiling over the stove or there is an injury then try breaking in on your own house. You can kick the door or smash any window facing outwards.

Final Option:

If you have no other options, then call the locksmith. The cost of contacting the locksmith for opening the door depends on your locality and the services they are offering. The price range for locksmith companies ranges $70-$150.

To prevent future lockouts, you can do the following techniques to avoid any panic. Give a spare key to your neighbor, relative or close friend in case of emergency. You can hide a key as a source of backup at a place near your property. You can nail a key with a tire or tree.

You can also hide a key to your house in the AC unit. You can install a keyless lock for your home doors to prevent such situations. You can use such locks with the cell phone technology, finger codes or door codes. Other than these tips it is better to make sure you take all your important valuables like keys and other items with you before you leave the house.


  1. A couple of days back I was locked out of my house but thank God my husband had a duplicate key so he came all the way from his office and unlocked the door for me. So now I thought maybe I should learn what to do in similar situations where my husband also doesn’t have the keys. These tips are quite useful though.

  2. I get locked out of my home a lot. I like how you mention when you get locked out of your house frequently you should keep a spare key with someone you can trust. Thank you for the advice. I am sure with this information. I will not get locked out anymore.

  3. None( at least of the tools we do have ) of those work on ALL of my 5 old doors and all my widows were locked I don’t blame this article but I had to vent a little

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