8 Proven Techniques to Restrict Burglars From Targeting Your Home

It is very important for everyone to learn how to stop burglars from targeting your home to avoid any misfortunate incident from occurring.

Despite the fact that statistics show a slight downward trend in home burglaries, the number of people who become victims of burglaries is not low and the count is on.

In such a case scenario knowing techniques that could prevent your house from outside unwanted invasion definitely offer the required extra step ensuring the safety of your home and belongings in it.

Before discussing in detail what can be done to stop burglars from entering your home, it is essential to know the most common items that get stolen in burglaries.

According to the National Statistics of Burglary crime, common items lifted include jewelry, purses, wallets, equipment of computer or other expensive pieces of machinery, electrical goods and mobiles.

There are quite a few other things too that can be done to deter the possibility of any burglary from occurring in your home. These things include:

1. Be Attentive and Keep The Burglars Away 

The very first step towards stopping a burglary in your home is to start thinking smart and be attentive on the small details that give away your home as an easy target to the burglars.

First things first, since burglars often search for their potential target, portraying that the house is occupied while you are away is always a good option.

Have a friend or neighbor regularly check in your house to remove flyers and mail, open and close lights and at times leave a TV or radio on for some time to impart the look that someone is home.

2. Invest In a Suitable Home Security System

To start things off, installing a good alarm system is one proactive step that can greatly reduce the risk of any theft or burglary being attempted at your house.

Since a majority of home burglaries are not forced, rendering that burglars often get in through the doors, or windows when no one’s home.

Home Security System
A good alarm system not only ensures the safety of your home, rather the sight of an alarm box itself acts as a deterrent and signals burglars to stay away.

Outdoor security lightings, burglar alarms, and CCTV systems all offer added advantage towards improving home security.

You can also opt for indoor lights that work on random timers.

Since most burglars are on a watch to check on homes that are vacated, randomly putting on lights of different rooms gives the impression that someone is home.

Leaving a single light on for days that does not switch off, offers a clear indication that no one’s home.

You can also use motion activated security lights that work randomly, signaling a warning if someone enters your home premises.

3. Lock All Doors and Windows Using Power Locks

Another very obvious situation is to not leave any room for any foreign entity to enter your home without permission.

Use deadbolt locks that are not easily compromisable and keep all doors and windows locked from inside when you are not home.

Also, invest in strong heavy doors and strong glass windows that cannot be kicked or broken easily.

You can also use metal bars to enhance the security of your home.

4. Secure All Valuables

Secure all your valuables before you leave the house and make sure to either put your curtains and blinds on or hide any valuable that can be easily sighted from outside the house.

Also put in your car, bicycles, tools, and other such items in the garage before you leave the house, especially if you will not be coming back home for a few days.

5. Be Part of a Neighborhood Watch Plan

Communities where neighbors interact with each other often experience very few cases of home burglary, compared to areas where neighbors are complete strangers to each other.

It is always helpful to initiate and be part of a neighborhood watch plan, where neighbors keep an eye out for suspicious activities and work together towards the safety of each other.

If you have a neighbor that keeps an eye on your property and informs about any suspicious activity, it can be a big step towards preventing any unfortunate incident from occurring.

6. Limit the Information You Reveal

Revealing about your big purchases, or the fact that you will be going on vacations should be limited to close friends and family only who you trust.

Revealing a lot about yourself makes you vulnerable to burglars. Burglars today often use social media to target their victims and thus the amount of information you share on social media should be limited too.

7. Manage Your Home Surroundings

It is always best to have a fence around your property if possible, as it offers extra safety from intruders.

Also keeps all bushes and plants trimmed around the house, not offering any shelter or hiding possibility to any intruder.

8. Befriend a Canine

Watchdogs are another very beneficial security option for your home; however, while they can offer day to day protection, they cannot be left back when you are on vacations, as they require taking care off as well.

When it comes to considering on how to stop burglars from targeting your home, these are some of the very basic things that can be done to ensure home safety as they offer reliable security to your home when you are away.


Nothing is perfect in this world these all the above-mentioned ideas will protect your home from burglary. By applying some of the techniques you can get peace of mind as everyone is very concerned about one’s family.

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