10 Actionable Tips For Securing Your Garage From Thieves

Home garage comes at the 4th rank of favorite invading point by burglars. It is highly important to keep your garage door secure by the thieves.

The detailed research on how to secure your garage from thieves reveal some important 10 tips and preventive measures for securing your garage from thieves which we have discussed below. Garage doors are weak and serve as perfect access for the thieves to enter the homes.

Garage Door Locks

Tips For Securing Your Garage From Thieves:

The top 10 tips which can help you in securing the garage from the thieves include:

1. Use zip tie:

Burglars can also break through the fancy automatic garage doors. They can use cloth hangers to release the emergency handle and then they breach in.

You can protect your garage by using a zip tie. Connect the zip tie to the loop within the emergency latch. This zip tie disables the entry of the thieves within the garage. You can also remove the emergency pull to avoid the break-in by burglars.

2. Door devil:

Garages with side doors are common. You can use door devil if you have side doors. Screw the door stops within the ground and prevent the door from getting compromised. You can install door devils on exterior doors to increase the security.

3. Garage door opener:

Place the door opener within the house instead of keeping it in the car. The burglars can easily invade your cars and use the garage door opener.

Make your habit of bringing the garage door opener inside the house. Attach the opener to the keychain. If you plan on leaving the garage door opener in the care, keep it within the glove compartment so the burglars cannot steal it.

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4. Frosted windows:

Peeking into the garage is a famous hobby of the burglars. I, therefore, recommend it to have your windows frosted by the spray paint.

It offers shade to the windows along with some privacy. You can also add curtains to the garage windows to protect the garage from prying eyes. If you leave the windows open, all the outsiders can peak in your garage and have a look at your valuable belongings.

5. Alarms:

Installing a garage door alarm helps in securing your garage from thieves. It works in the same way to the door locks. They emit loud sounds if there is some movement.

6. Motion sensing lights:

Installing the motion sensing lights secures your garage from thieves. The light flicks as soon as they detect any motion. You can install home security cameras to detect light flicking through the motion sensing lights within the garage.

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7. Right Material:

Metal or hardwood garage doors secure your garage from thieves. Change the doors which are falling apart with a hard material that prevents the thieves from entering the garage.

8. Radio:

Turning on the radio keeps the thieves away from the garage. If you were a thief, you will never enter a garage where you hear sounds.

9. Installation of the security system:

Connect the security system of your homes to the garage which serves as a perfect defense against the thieves. If the thieves try to invade your garage, the alarm will ring out loud and alert you.

10. Locking the door and garage windows:

Lock the entry door as they attach it with the garage. Many homeowners only believe in locking the service doors. However, definitely secure the door locks of the entry door.

Keep a security code on your garage door. Avoid sharing your security code with anyone else or share it with the ones whom your trust.

You can change the security code on the garage door on a regular basis if you believe someone has revealed your security code.

Lock the garage windows before you leave for work or planning on a vacation. You can apply sticker over the garage windows after installing the security cameras. The stickers should state that the surveillance cameras are monitoring the area.

There are various things which you need to consider regarding the security of the garage door. The ways to make a garage door more secure include:

⦁ Install a home security system with exciting connectivity features. Choose the one which you can control with the help of smartphones.

You can manage your garage doors even when you are on vacations. Install the security system with the garage door mechanism that allows you to control the lift.

⦁ Try adding blinds to the windows of the garage if you plan on hiding the belongings. You can make your windows opaque which makes them attractive and makes it impossible for the burglars to peek inside the garage.

⦁ You should place motion detector lights on the garage doors. If any burglar plans to approach the garage, he will bath in light without breaking the garage. You can install motion detector lights inside the garage doors which blinks a light as soon as anyone enters the garage.

⦁ Treat the interior garage doors in the same way as the exterior garage door. The doors should be hard with proper insulation so that no burglars can enter the garage. The doors should have a heavy-duty deadbolt mechanism which prevents the entrance of burglars.

⦁ The interior door should have a peephole with well-security so you know when someone breaches the garage.

⦁ Most folks used lift mechanisms with remote control in the past but they had flaws in security. The burglars can easily use the universal remote for opening the garage.

For this issue, the manufacturers created the rolling door mechanism technology. Once you use the remote to lift the door, a new code is generated. It offers crucial security for your garage and upgrades your garage against any breach by burglars.

⦁ Install the security times at your garage doors which makes sure you remember closing the door even if you are slightly absent-minded.

⦁ Maintenance of the garage door is essential. The burglars can easily breach the rusting bolts and hinges.

⦁ Invest in the garage door which the manufacturers make from high-quality material. The burglars can easily break the low-quality aluminum doors.

Garage Door Security Locks:

The garage doors should have proper locks that prevent the entry of burglars. Garages usually have a service door which allows the entry from the front without opening the doors.

All the garages have a door that leads into the home. Doors with weak locks and small screws can hold the latches of the garage door but they are very weak.

Use a lock reinforce which has a metal plate fitting around the doorknob. This metal plate distributes the force of the battering ram or kicks around the wood which makes the lock harder to kick by the burglars.

The size of the security locks varies between 1 ¾ inch to 2 ¼ inches. You can paint the security door locks so they blend with the garage doors.

Detached Garage Alarm System:

You can reduce the risk of invasion of thieves in the home by installing a garage alarm system. The thieves are usually under the fear of being detected.

A loud siren or alarm works well for scaring the thieves. The garage alarm systems are usually easy to install and work similar to the home alarms. As soon as the sensors of the garage alarm system lose their contact, it starts the siren.

The siren produces the alarming sound which others can hear for long distances. The garage alarm systems usually have three modes. The alert mode beeps as soon as the garage sensor gets activated. ‘

The alarm mode triggers the specific amount of blast.

The final mode i.e. OFF is the one where there is no such sound. These modes of garage alarm system start flashing the LED which allows you to notify them. The alarm systems have a sensor for low battery mode.

Secure the garage doors equally to other external doors of the house. Secure your house from the thieves by installing the deadbolts to the door locks. You can include over one lock or put the padlocks in the programmed security code.

You should make the garage doors and all the other doors from a hard material.

I highly recommend solid wood material, fiber for the garage door construction. You can secure the garage door by adding lights to it.


Securing your garage by thieves is an important measure which aids in reducing the chances of theft or unwanted entry of thieves. None of the above-mentioned measures are 100% effective neither the best anti-theft devices offer 100% satisfaction.

You can try using most of the tips mentioned in this article to protect yourself and your garage from experiencing the break-in by thieves. The garage is the less secured place, so it is better to use most of the approaches to achieve satisfactory results.


  1. I found it helpful when you said that you should consider installing an alarm system on your garage door to keep your belongings safe from thieves. My husband I are actually planning to replace our front door at home because it was damaged by the storm. We want our new door to have an opener since my senior mom wants to stay with us for months, and I want to make sure that it won’t be difficult for her to operate the doors at home. Thanks!

  2. It sure is good to know that choosing the right material for your garage door would help secure our homes from thieves and burglars. I recently had a break-in in my garage which led to some of my belongings I kept in my garage storage missing. That is why I am planning on having my garage door replaced with a more durable material to prevent such cases from happening again.

  3. I want to make sure that my garage door is secure. It makes sense that I would want to keep my garage door opener in my house! That way, people can’t get into my car and then get into my garage door.

  4. Sometime few informative article can change our mind. This article is one of them. I find a lot of information in your article. many many many thanks for sharing with us the great tips.

  5. Hey, thanks for the great information, you mention every information about making sure that your garage is secured. Thanks for recommending the garage door alarm system that can be heard for long distances to scare off thieves. It does seem like a good thing to get a professional to install the garage. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful information !!

  6. Well, you are right that connecting the zip tie in the garage door is beneficial in terms of discouraging thieves. Thank you for suggesting here as well the importance of bridging the garage door opener inside. Anyhow, if I had a garage, I would make sure to hire a residential locksmith service that will be able to upgrade its locks.

  7. My brother is quite worried about his luxury cars, which is why he has decided to start looking for a residential security service that will protect his garage and the whole property. I guess you are also right that his door must upgrade it too. Thank you for sharing here as well the importance of opting for an Aluminum alloy chassis material for the door.

  8. Thank you so much for suggesting which material to use to secure a garage door. We’ll be transforming our garage from just a vehicle storage area into a place where my sons and I can do father-and-son things, so we’ll need to keep it safer than ever. If I can find an aluminum garage door service, I’ll definitely hire them for some renovation work.

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