How to Prevent Car Theft: 10 Tips to Protect Your Vehicle!

Car theft is a harsh reality that happens regularly in major cities, but one must must prepare for it before it happens. Even if your vehicle is fitted with an engine immobilizer, it may not be enough to prevent theft.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a total of roughly 722,000 automobiles were stolen in the United States in 2019. There has been a steady rise in the number of auto thefts since then in every large city, and it’s peak season in the summers.

In addition to ruining your trip, having your car or valuables stolen is quite unpleasant. According to the NHTSA, more than $6 billion is expected to be spent by customers on auto thefts this year.

Here are some strategies you may take to prevent the theft of your car:

1.   Keep your car locked

It may seem obvious, but forgetting to lock your vehicle is surprisingly common. You’ve already added an extra degree of security just by utilizing your car’s locking system. Besides, stealing your automobile is considerably simpler if all someone has to do is open a door. Double-checking is a good idea no matter what.

2.   Don’t leave your keys in your vehicles.

If you leave your keys in the car, you run the risk of losing your car. Even if your automobile is locked in your garage or driveway, a criminal may still steal it if they get their hands on your keys. Keep a backup key out of the vehicle at all times. You should never leave a spare set of keys in your car’s ignition, even if you have them.

3.   Keep your windows locked.

You may like the feeling of the wind on your skin when driving on a hot summer day, but don’t forget to close the windows when you step out of the car.

The practice of rolling the windows up will rapidly become second nature, even if you’re just stopping for a few minutes. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to complete anything important before your focus is diverted elsewhere.

4.   Use a steering wheel lock.

When it comes to boosting automotive security, the steering wheel lock isn’t exactly cutting edge. Your steering wheel can also be a visual deterrent when you lock it. In most new automobiles, wheel locking systems are included, but installing an additional one is never a bad idea.

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5.   Park in a well-lit Place 

Keep your vehicle out of the way of oncoming traffic by parking in well-lit locations rather than those that are difficult to see. According to Firestone Complete Auto Care, thieves may avoid a crime scene if they know they might be observed.

6.   Don’t leave valuables inside your car.

Car thieves will never pass up an opportunity to target a vehicle that has valuables on display. Keep your personal belongings out of your car, including papers, gadgets, and cash.

When storing valuables in your automobile, be sure to keep them out of sight, preferably in the trunk. Remember that leaving your vehicle in a parking lot with your belongings inside might potentially be a target for criminals who happen to be lurking nearby. Before arriving in a new location, consider storing your valuables.

7.   Install a vehicle tracking device or immobilizer

When your car is stolen, authorities may utilize vehicle tracking devices to locate it. This is a standard safety feature on certain vehicles from certain manufacturers. As an option from the manufacturer or as an aftermarket addition, you can have it.

When your automobile is switched off, immobilizers stop the starter, ignition, and fuel supply systems, all necessary to start and run your vehicle.

Only a unique microchip in the key that came with your new automobile can reactivate these circuits. Installing an immobilizer may also help you save money on your auto insurance. To be certain, call your insurance provider.

8.   Observe Your Environment

Keep your eyes open as you exit the parking garage, gas station, or parking lot. Calling the police or moving to a different parking spot may be necessary if anything appears odd or someone is not where they should be.

9.   Leave the parking brake on.

It’s possible that a thief won’t break into your vehicle and take your valuables. The likelihood of someone removing it directly if it is seen in a remote location is high. To make it more difficult to steal, use the parking brake and lock the steering wheel to the curb on the passenger side.

10. Invest in comprehensive car insurance.

Investing in comprehensive car insurance coverage is the greatest method to protect yourself from the financial hardship of losing your vehicle or the contents inside of it. Your agent should be able to tell you the rules about theft so that you can be prepared for anything.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the money you’ve worked hard for to buy your dream automobile. These top 10 strategies for preventing car theft can help keep your vehicle safe. Do not try to reclaim your automobile by yourself if it has been stolen. There is a possibility that you are putting your life in danger.

You may reach your local police department or dial your local Police helpline number. Give them your license plate number, the brand and year of your vehicle, and the color you choose.

To notify your insurance carrier, you’ll need to provide them with the crime reference number you get from the police.

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