11 DIY Home Security Products Under $30

Having home security appliances at home has become a necessity now. Especially when you are living in an area where security of the surroundings isn’t taken very seriously, then it can become quite troublesome to take care of your home on your own.

But security appliances are kind of expensive, isn’t that so? Are you wondering how you can make your home more secure without having to spend fortunes?

Well, in this article, you will find a number of options and solutions which you can do yourself in order to make your home safer and more secure and that too in just under $30.

DIY Home Security

1- Motion Sensor Lights

Aootek Solar Lights Outdoor 182 LEDs 2500Lm Solar Motion Sensor Lights IP65 Waterpro of with Wide Anglefor Patio Garden...

Motion Sensor lights work whenever there happens to be a motion in or around your home. The lights lighten up on its own whenever it detects any motion under it.

It is perfect in a sense if anyone tries to break in during the darkness. Having outdoor security lights will keep the Burglars or robbers at bay.

These can be installed easily without needing to have the help of anyone else. The best part is that such motion sensor lights can be bought in under $30. If you want to buy one such then you can easily get them from Amazon.

2- Windows / Doors Alarm  

Wireless Door Chime, BITIWEND Door Alarm Sensor Door Open Window Alarm with 58 Chimes 5 Volume Level 600ft Range LED...

Having windows/doors alarm is the perfect choice for anyone who’s looking for cheap home security options. You can easily install such alarms in your home doors or windows. The moment someone tries to get into your home via window or door, your alarm will set off.

This DIY home security option is very reasonable as well in terms of its price. You don’t have to pay a hefty amount in order to get something done. This can easily be bought in under $30.

You can as well install them on your own as it doesn’t require any expert’s help. For buying this product, you can Visit Amazon.com

3- Glass Window Film

Gila Privacy Black Static Cling Residential DIY Window Film No Glue No Adhesive 3ft x 6.5ft (36in x 78in) - PB78

Some people have large transparent sliding windows installed in their homes. The valuable home products or items can catch the interest of the burglars around. In order to avoid such accidents, it’s better to take some precautions. As it’s said, better safe than sorry.

Etched glass window films will cover your transparent areas of the home and will make it look vague or even hide what’s inside of home altogether. This is one of the cheapest method for securing your home.

For buying this, you can get it from Amazon.com

4- Peepholes

ABH Solid Brass 200 Degree Peephole Door Viewer UL Rated Glass Lenses Oil Rubbed Bronze

Get for your door peepholes so that before you answer the door, you can check who has come to your place. Peepholes won’t cost much. This will allow you to know whether the person who has come to your house is some stranger or an acquaintance without even opening the door.

Installing or fixing peepholes doesn’t require any hard and fast rule either. Hence, we believe this is another economically good and not very expensive hack to try. Peepholes can easily be bought from this link.

5- Get Fake Security Cameras

IDAODAN Dummy Security Camera, Fake Cameras CCTV Surveillance System with Realistic Simulated LEDs for Home Security +...

Can’t afford to buy an actual security system for your home? No worries! Get fake security cameras and you are good to go. Fake security cameras look exactly like the actual ones and hence can make the burglars, robbers, or thieves think twice before breaking into your place.

Such cameras can be bought at a reasonable cost. You can get them installed in your surroundings for the time being.

If you are interested to buy such cameras then we recommend you can buy it from amazon.com

6- Install Light Timers Outdoor / Indoor

BN-LINK 7 Day Outdoor Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer BND/U78, 125VAC, 60Hz, Dual Outlet, Weatherproof, Heavy Duty,...

There are times where you cannot come home early or if you have late night job(s) then it can become quite difficult to protect your home in your absence. For this purpose, you can install a light timer both indoor and outdoor.

The light timers will switch on and off automatically and this will give the criminals a vibe that your home is not alone. Light timers are easy on the budget and can easily be bought at the cheapest price possible.

We would recommend to buy it from Amazon. Get your light timers from here.

7- Home Security Signs

Sheenwang 2-Pack Private Property No Trespassing Sign, video surveillance signs outdoor, UV Printed .040 Mil Rust Free...

Home security signs are definitely another way to keep the thieves away. Even if you don’t have any real and actual home security, you can still put on a fake sign of security which will give an impression to others that your home is protected by cameras.

Criminals usually avoid places where cameras are installed as this may get them caught.

Also, you can easily get them fixed yourself. Hence, no extra expenses on your pocket. Need one such for your place? Fake home security signs can be bought over from Amazon.

8- Get Your Drawers / Cabinets Smart Locks

Electronic Cabinet Lock Set, Intelligent Digit Keypad Password Door Code Locks Keyless Locker Safety Security Lock Drawer

The best way to keep your valuables safe is by making them secure in places where none can have access except for yourself. Smart Locks are designed in such a way that only you can have access to your drawers or cabinets as it requires a pin code.

Smart locks on your drawers or cabinets will assure that even if someone has managed to break in your home then they don’t get to open your drawers or cabinets.

The cherry on top is that these smart locks are extremely cheap. Don’t believe us? Head over to Amazon and look for yourself there.

9- Have Card Entry Access to Your Home

UHPPOTE 125KHz RFID Standalone Door Access Control Keypad Support 1000 Card Users

Breaking door locks is one of the easiest tasks for Burglars. But if you can make your home card entry access only then you can avoid such incidents. Card entry access allows only people with the card to open the door. Without it, no one can dare to barge in your home.

You can buy it easily from Amazon here and that too in less than $30.

10- Get Your Sliding Doors Secured

90 Degree Locking Privacy Lock Sliding barn Door Latch Right Angle Door Clasp cam Lock

If you have sliding doors in your home then it’s time that you make them more secured and protected as barging in such homes is the easiest.

You can make your sliding doors secured by having a master lock. Master locks will prevent your door from getting broken. Get one for yourself.

11- Audio Door Bell

Arlo Audio Doorbell, White (AAD1001-100NAS)

Our last DIY home security option is getting a two way audio doorbell.  Doorbell will let you know who is there standing on the other side of the door.

While peepholes are also effective in here, but audio doorbells will give you a clear understanding of the other person standing behind the door.

These aren’t expensive either to buy. Hence, you can Get them from Amazon.com.

Note: Since price on amazon is not fixed. It can vary slightly for various product listed above.



These are some of the ideas only. There are a whole lot more via which you can get your place protected without investing much. All these suggestions or options can be implemented in under $30.

Even if you try one at your home, you will start seeing the end results soon. Give a priority of securing your place, home or office. Such precautions will keep you away from having any major loss. We hope that you find these suggestions beneficial.

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