7 Ways to Hide Your Outdoor Security Cameras like a Spy

Are you thinking of setting up a surveillance system? And you want to keep your cams unseen? But have no idea how to keep your cams unseen to protect them from the destruction of an intruder? You are on the spot! Here we will give some tips to hide your valuable security cameras installed outdoors. 

1) Camouflage your cameras in bushes

Outdoor bushes are the best place to keep your cams unseen. However, you need to identify the right spot where your camera will reside without losing the footage area you would like to monitor. Often surveillance systems come with wires and other equipment, which must also be unseen. Therefore, keep this equipment unnoticed. You should have enough space to keep them all hidden. However, if you lack space, you can use couple of flowerpots around the system to camouflage it well.

2) Camouflage your cameras in trees

Wi-Fi cameras are cheap and plentiful, but they’re also easy to spot. If you’re trying to hide your security camera, make it the part of your outdoor trees and shrubbery—the cabling and antennae will blend right in if you cover it up cleverly. Motion-activated hidden cameras are not only easy to hide but come in a variety of shapes and sizes and fit in with your outdoor theme.

3) Camouflage your cameras in natural rocks

The first step towards smart home security is putting in outdoor cameras. They do an excellent job of capturing any activity near your home, but one can easily spot them. To conceal your cameras, disguise them in natural rocks: you can paint or wrap some of your yard’s big rocks with spray and place your camera inside for safekeeping. Nobody will know that the area is under surveillance if the job is well-done.

4) Disguise your cameras with fake security signs

To keep your cameras invisible, you need to ensure that they don’t stand out. If you want a more inconspicuous camera setup, look for outdoor security signs at home improvement stores and DIY shops. You can find ones like; “Beware of Dog” or “Alarm System: Do Not Tamper With.” You could even paint over the existing warning signs or watch this video to create your custom signage. They blend in everything else on your property, so people don’t suspect anything fishy behind closed doors.

5) Use decoy cameras as part of your system

You can place dummy cameras around your property to make it look like you have more cameras for surveillance. These are particularly useful if someone is trying to steal your equipment; they won’t distinguish which are real and which ones aren’t, so they will stay away from all of them. You could also install fake cameras at strategic locations where thieves would likely strike. For example, if there’s an area that any intruder has broken into previously, put up a camera that looks just like one of your actual cameras but doesn’t record anything—this way, intruders won’t try to break in and probably leave that area.

6) Build a fake shed for your camera

You’ve installed an outdoor security camera to keep an eye on your house, so why not conceal it like a spy? One of the favorite ways to hide something is to keep it with another object. The easiest solution is to build a fake shed or storage unit and hide your camera there. You can search in google.com to help you find plans for building your storage shed; you can easily find an idea to build that fits easily into your yard and doesn’t look out of place.

7) Place your cameras in hidden areas

Placing your camera inside a birdhouse can be the best idea when you don’t have any plants or trees in your yard. You can also try putting it behind an ornament like a statue. It’s less conspicuous than some of the more obvious hiding spots. You can also paint your camera to match its surroundings. If you use spray paint, do several light coats rather than one heavy coat so that it doesn’t come off looking splotchy. 

Finally, consider mounting your camera high up on a wall instead of the low down on a fence or tree trunk. It will be harder for someone walking by to see it and serve the purpose. 

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