7 Reasons to Install Monitored Home Security System!

In today’s vulnerable world, we all care for our safety and security more than ever.

In fact, those who have families are more cautious and want to ensure that their loved ones stay safe in all kinds of emergency situations.

One security measure that all homeowners seem to take for that is the installation of alarm systems that are known to deter intruders quite effectively.

They also alert homeowners in case of other safety breaches that might happen as well.

Yes, these alarm systems are quite effective but where most of us often go wrong is that we opt for unmonitored security systems.

Even unmonitored systems can be quite effective as far as the basics are concerned but they are really not the best in the business.

All they can do is to alert homeowners and the neighbors who may or may not respond to the emergency situation you are facing.

Sometimes, as it happens, there is nobody around who could respond to the alarm and the intruders are at liberty to do all the damage they possibly could.

This can’t be any truer in other emergency situations like fire breakouts where, if appropriate action is not taken immediately, unrecoverable damage can happen.

In such situations, having monitored alarm and security systems can offer significant benefits and must, therefore, be preferred.

If you don’t have a clear idea of what is monitored home security system? Let’s find out about that first and then get into the details of why you need one.

What is Monitored Home Security System?

The monitored home security systems are the ones that are monitored actively by professionals at your chosen home security company. Whenever some emergency is detected by the system, such as a break-in or fire, it instantly notifies the security personnel and even the emergency responders if needed.

The most sophisticated monitored security systems combine both manual and automated monitoring through state-of-the-art monitoring systems to ensure that you get an immediate response in case of emergencies.

Emergency responders are also contacted right away and dispatched to your place to take care of the situation.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Monitored Home Security Systems

Now that you know what is monitored home security system, let’s try to find out some of the major reasons why having a monitored system is important.

It can help you in more than one ways and here we have a few of them for you.

1. Help Is Always On The Way

It is a fact that when your property is professionally monitored, it gets an immediate response from the emergency teams.

Help usually arrives within a few minutes when an emergency situation is encountered and the alarm goes off. Typically, emergency responders give more leverage to properties that are monitored professionally.

Stats show that false alarms prove to be a major problem for home security personnel.

Alarms that are actually triggered by animals, wind and the same usually keep the emergency responders from taking care of true crises.

However, that doesn’t happen in case of monitored home security systems. Monitoring stations can always verify the triggered alarms through sensors and cameras and can take appropriate action as and when needed.

2. Lower Insurance Costs

This one is something that is often overlooked by the homeowners when they are shopping around for a home security system.

Yes, you can actually qualify for a discount on your home insurance when you have a monitored security system installed at your place.

Monitored systems actually reduce the threat of break-ins and other possible emergencies which makes your property less risky for the insurance company because you will be less likely to file a claim.

Your insurance provider will live peacefully knowing that there is a security system in place to deter any kind of emergencies.

So, they will be happier to offer you a discount rather than paying heavy sums in insurance claims to others who may not have monitored security systems installed at their place for avoiding emergencies in the first place.

3. Safety Assurance Whether You’re Home Or Not

You must acknowledge the fact that unmonitored alarm systems do not report the alarms as they sound and that’s a leading cause of significant damage which could have been prevented otherwise.

Consider a situation where your fire alarm sounds at midnight and nobody can hear it, not even your neighbors. The situation gets even worse when you are not at home too.

As a result, nobody will call the fire brigade in time and help may only arrive when it’s too late to prevent damage. The same stands true for burglar alarms as well.

In fact, in this situation, you can’t do much even when you are at home. And, obviously, when your neighbors don’t even notice the alarms, you are on your own and nothing much can be done for damage control.

So, having your security system monitored can assure safety in such emergencies whether you are home or not. There is someone watching your place proactively and will take immediate action if something goes wrong.

4. It Makes Your Security More Convenient

When you hire a single team of professionals for all your security needs, from monitoring to installation, it’s all the more convenient.

You don’t have to run after different service providers and serve to bridge up between them so that they could collaborate to get the job done.

All you have to ensure is to choose the best service provider around who can do the installation and then monitor your security systems 24/7 for ultimate security.

This will save you a lot of time, money and effort, and you’ll know that there’s a professional team by your side which understand all your requirements and has state-of-the-art equipment to get them fulfilled.

5. No Technical Expertise Needed

When you opt for monitored security systems, your monitoring company will install the security system themselves. They know what equipment is required and how it works.

They analyze your place and find out the most strategic locations for the placement of cameras, sensors and alarms to give you the ultimate security you need.

So, if you do not have any technical knowledge and are not even aware of how you can ensure maximum security, you really don’t need to worry about it. You have to hire professionals and they will take care of everything for you.


6. You Get Ultimate Peace Of Mind

That’s, probably, one of the major benefits that come with monitored alarm systems.

You do not need to burden yourself of monitoring all those alarms whenever they sound. And, even when you’re not home someone is watching out for you.

All the monitoring is left to professionals who know how to respond in all sorts of different situations that they may encounter.

7. It’s Comprehensive And Cost Effective

Most of the times, when you sign the agreement with a reliable monitoring service, it covers for all the security equipment required as well.

The service is comprehensive and trusted as their aim is to ensure that not a single nook and corner of your home is overlooked and they have an eye everywhere.

You can even integrate a monitoring service with your pre-installed security system as well to cut the costs even further.


So, by using a monitored security system to keep your home and your belongings safe in all sorts of emergency situations. There are lots of benefits and what’s shared here is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are definitely some drawbacks of Monitored Home Security System in term of its cost. You have to pay the home security companies on monthly basis, which makes a huge amount if you compare it with Non-Monitored Home Security System.

You only pay once for non monitored home security system so according to your need you can opt for any of the 2 systems.

If you already using some system or home security gadgets feel free to share your experience.

What’s your opinion among the monitored and non monitored, which system would you like to install at your home?

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