What To Do If Your Package is Lost Or Stolen?

Suppose yourself sitting sadly because you ordered something significant and that package is either lost or stolen? At this time, nothing feels right because you have already lost what feels more important to you.

There is no doubt that more than 40% of Americans have experienced losing or stealing a package once in their lives. But the question arises of what to do if you have a lost or stolen package? No worries if you have experienced the same situation or fear doing so shortly. I have come up with several solutions to apply.

In this guide, I will tell you about different things to do when you have lost your package, or somebody has stolen that from you. Please keep reading till the end to find out!

When Does A Package Usually Get Stolen Or Lost?

Research shows that in New York City Alone, almost 90,000 packages get stolen or lost, which is a huge volume for such a city.

It is a general idea to know that most deliveries through e-commerce business are made on time and safely. However, you still find yourself not receiving your package, or it was stolen from your doorstep.

Things like package stealing or losing can happen when you are not around and don’t care. Usually, a delivery guy drops your shipment on your door, and you might be on vacation or not at home.

It results in stealing your package as anyone can grasp it without your knowing. Moreover, when that’s a mistake by the company itself as they didn’t deliver it to you, there are also protocols for that to follow. Either you get your package, or you might get paid for it.

So, I will share the common protocols. You can follow these when that most necessary shipment doesn’t arrive at your door or gets stolen from there. Please have a look!

What Actually Do You Do When Your Package Is Stolen Or Lost?

You need to act quickly when you cannot find your package. Because even missing a single moment may cost you the price of that package, and you will never get what you want.

You need to make sure that your ordered package was sent to you successfully by tracking the shipping carrier information.

If you discover that the package was sent but was stolen from your doorstep, you will have to do the following things. Do it quickly to restore what was important to you!

First: Contacting Your Package Delivering Company:

Take a deep breath and start looking for your package by contacting your shipment company. It is probably the best thing you will do in these circumstances. The company must know where and when your package was delivered. There are certain things that may happen in this regard.

  • Determine whether the package was actually shipped off to the truck.
  • Ensure that the package was lost in the shipping channels.
  • Or make sure the package is still somewhere inside the warehouse and hasn’t been off to shipment yet.

However, once it was made sure that the package was actually sent for the delivery, but it didn’t reach its destination, every shipment company goes for its own procedure.

Take a look at what those popular companies do in this case.

If The Shipping Company Is Amazon:

Amazon has some rules and regulations in their shipment policy when facing certain types of difficulty. It relates to the following things: Amazon is always ready to pay your debt.

Go to A to Z Guarantee refund and check for all those things that cover you a refund on the lost item. Plus, also the stolen or damaged items. Amazon also allows you to submit a claim within 90 days of delivery.

If The Shipping Company Is UPS:

UPS is that type of shipping company that would never allow you to claim your stolen stuff if you don’t file the claim after 24 hours when the delivery has taken place.

After this, the sender will be the person who will follow up with you about the excellent progress of your package delivery.

If The Shipping Company Is FedEx:

When you have chosen or your shipment has been made through FedEx, you should instantly go online. And file the claim as soon as possible. However, for this, you must have the shipping tracking number in your mind to start with.

Second: Reach Your Seller:

Suppose the shipper cannot solve your issue on that spur of the moment. The following person that must come to your mind is the seller. You need to contact your storekeeper or the seller directly.

In this case, many big companies with a large volume of sales and shipments will replace your package by asking only a few questions.

On the other hand, when the order was made from a small retailer, it totally depends on their customer service.

If they can afford it, they will give you a replacement. Otherwise, if the product is of such kind as Etsy, it might not get replaced.

However, you should reach your seller as that would be the best option to recover what has been lost. Either you will get the information for what to do, or your package instead.

Third: Go To The Police:

After confirmation that your package was delivered successfully to your home and you didn’t find it there, the instant option to try is to reach out to the nearby police station.

Yes, you should be in a hurry to report your stolen package situation to the police. Because as fast as you will do that, the police will take a quick step in figuring the matter out.

Who knows that you can save several other people from losing their packages just from outside their homes and nearby to you?

Because if this is with you today, it might be with someone else tomorrow.

Moreover, for a specific claim to one particular company, you will require an FIR or police report to submit if you are filing for insurance reimbursement. It must be submitted along with the claim.

Fourth: Contacting The Credit Card Company:

The last but not least option you can try to recover your loss is to contact the credit card company you have used while making the purchase.

You must have an idea that many credit card companies out there are ready to offer you free insurance on every single purchase you make.

Therefore, it is always worth finding what benefits you can get regarding that package theft that happened to you.

However, be sure that you will probably require a police report sometimes. There is also a value limit on these kinds of benefits.

Hence, these are the possible things you can try to figure out what to do if you have a lost or stolen package.

Final Thoughts:

Commonly, you might lose your package anytime or at any instant. It doesn’t matter if it is from the doorstep of your home or if it is a mistake of that shipment company. You must be very clear on what to do if you have a lost or stolen package. I tried my best to provide you with several valuable things to do when you find yourself in this situation. You can try all these and get back what matters to you.

In the end, I hope that you found the article informative. If you really did, don’t forget to provide your feedback. Keep living and be safe!

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