7 Dorm Room Security Tips to Secure Your Valuables

Undoubtedly, living in a college is an amazing experience. It is the time of all-night parties, freedom, and finally living on your own. But the ‘open-door policy of a college leaves students open to burglary.

Students spend thousands on textbooks, appliances, laptops, and other college essentials to live in peace. This makes them worth protecting from.

So, how can you save your belongings in a dorm room?

Well, we have an answer to it!

The guide below lists seven dorm room security tips that secure your valuables:

1. Hide your personal belongings safely

If you have brought personal gadgets or jewelry with you, our advice is to protect them and hide them. Use them only when required. Hide them up when you aren’t using them. There is no need to show off your fancy leather jacket or your new mobile phone.

Never keep your gadgets lying around in your room. It doesn’t matter how many cameras are installed on the campus, and dorm room security is your responsibility.

In case when you are leaving your room, hide your belongings with a blanket. Or, jump onto a better idea, place them in a lockable suitcase. Lockable luggage is difficult to steal. However, even if someone steals it, it will be easier for you to catch them up.

  • Buy a safe locker
  • Lock your belongings in a luggage bag, and lock it up when leaving the dorm room
  • Keep an eye on your surroundings.

2. Buy a secure locker

Often you are advised to keep your belongings secure. However, the more important thing is to draw boundaries with your roommate. Clear them up so they can’t use your stuff without asking them.

However, keeping things in a locker is safer than ever. Consider getting a drawer that fits in your wardrobe. Or you can get a study table with a lockable drawer. It is one of the reliable ways to boost your security. It might not be easy for anyone to break them up and requires certain expertise.

Further, you can place a paper on the upper side of your drawer. In such a case, when a person tries to open your drawer forcefully, you will know it. The paper might fall off, go missing, or be torn from a few sides. It is a simple yet effective way.

  • Invest in a secure locker that requires a certain password to open up
  • Don’t let anyone use your belongings without permission

3. Understand the disciplinary rules of your dorm

Before you opt for a dorm room, ask authorities about the security rules and how they maintain them. Try talking to them and know how they deal if someone breaches criminal activity. Ask them if such things have happened in the past or not.

If you are living in a room of a college or university, certain rules ensure all occupants are disciplined. Go through it carefully, and be aware of the rights. If you run into any trouble, talk to your supervisor.

The best route is to launch an official complaint so authorities are also aware. If something went missing from your end, other people might have faced the same. When you bring it up to the authorities, everyone is alarmed. This increases your chances of recovering things and helps you to avoid confrontation.

4. Setup alarms

If there are not enough security measures at your dorm, set up a DIY alarm for your protection. However, if you have a budget, you can opt for a motion-sensor camera that includes alarm features. Such technological advancements alarm you on the spot, and you save yourself from huge losses.

A door alarm might be only useful if you live alone in the dorm. This is because your partner and you might have different schedules. Regardless of whatever the situation is, it is essential to opt for an intruder or personal alarm for protection.

Quite a few cases have happened where the intruder left as soon as the alarm started to ring. In turn, a thief gets scared and leaves all your belongings untouched.

Alarms can be connected to your phone. They let you know when someone invades your dorm so that you can take action soon.

5. Buy a personal security tool

If you have a budget, consider buying personal security tools. They can be attached to your luggage bags, backpack, gadgets, etc.

The tools include multiple features. The features involve a thermometer, gyroscope, motion sensor, and the list goes on… 

Next, you are required to link it from your phone, and notifications are dropped by. Further, you don’t have to pay monthly. It is a one-time investment.

6. Secure your devices

If you have multiple gadgets, such as a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, secure them with a password. Always back up the data on a storage device or on the cloud that ensures you don’t lose any important information in a theft.

More discrete gadgets, such as a smartwatch, and headphones, should be used when required. Further, please don’t take them outside your dorm room. It might make you vulnerable to theft. Further, never share your passwords with anyone.

7. Never lend your keys to anyone

When you lend your keys to someone, your things are more likely to get stolen. This is because they might steal or lose your keys. Further, they might duplicate them up.

It is important to have friends who check your belongings when you are away. Therefore, try to maintain a friendly relationship with your roommate and dorm neighbors. They ensure security for you when you are away.

Never take safety for granted! It is important to ensure security at all times and be cautious. College life is quite exciting. Keep your eyes open and make the most of it by ensuring security in your dorm room.

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