A Beginner’s Guide to Motion Sensors

The motion sensor is basically the key component in the security system of your home because it is the device that warns you when someone tries to enter your house at some unusual time.

There could be single or multiple technologies associated with the working of Motion sensors for Home Security.

It basically works for the detection of any movement in a specific area.

If the motion sensor at your home gets tripped, an electronic signal is transmitted towards the complete security system and reaches the control panel that has a connection with the monitoring center.

It then alerts the monitoring center as well as you about the potential threat that could be in your home.

The following given are the complete guidelines about the utilization of motion sensors for home security including its various types and placement techniques:

How does motion sensors work?

Motion sensors are used in home security system so that an alert could be sent to the control panel.

Sensors normally work when you are out of your home and when there is no chance for someone to enter your home.

When the sensors feel some unusual movements, immediately at the spot the camera start working and the event is recorded.

Motion sensors detect unusual activities like is there is any unexpected movement in your living room, or your doors or windows are being closed or opened, or if the window gets broken etc.

Types of Motion Sensors for Home Security

Following are the types of motion sensors which vary from each other in some basic features and functions:

1- Passive Infrared

This sensor detects the body heat and these are the most used motion sensors in the home.

These motion systems are activated when the system is armed.

The sensor starts detecting heat from the surroundings once when the sensor is warmed.

The sensor also trips when a lot of grid zones are blocked by moving objects.

2- MicroWave(MW)

It basically measures the reflections of moving objects and work on the principle of microwave pulses.

The area covered by MicroWave sensors is bigger than that of infrared sensors and these are more expensive too.

3- Dual Technology Motion Sensors

This monitor sensor works with the combined features to conduct its operations in different areas.

This is not like other motion sensors and doesn’t cause false alarms, But this doesn’t mean that these motion sensors will never cause false alarms.

4- Area Reflective

It emits the infrared rays with the use of LED.

Those rays when get reflected helps the sensor in measuring the distance from the detected person or the object within a specified area.

5- Ultrasonic Motion Sensors

It is a cost-effective and reliable option. Ultrasonic Motion Sensors work perfectly in bad weather conditions(Smoke, Dust, Fog).

It works through the ultrasonic waves and measures the object’s reflection. It can detect small objects from long distance.

6-    Vibration Sensors

It detects the vibration within a specific area.

This motion sensor is easily available in the market or it could also be made in the home if needed.

A vibrator sensor if made at home, it uses little mass on the level which gets activated with help of a switch which is connected to an alarm when it vibrates.

Homemade vibrator sensors are less reliable.

Tips for installation of Motion Sensors:

Well, there are professionals to assist you in the installation of a security system containing motion sensors.

But still, there are some necessary practices which you need to follow in order to get the best work out of the motion sensors installed at your home.

  1. One thing which you should necessarily keep in mind is that the motion sensors always contain a chance for mistake or error and there could be some chances and situation when the alarms are false. There could be several reasons behind these false alarms including electrical failures, poor engineering of application, user error, and faulty equipment and lightening etc. The motion sensors can also get triggered by foliage, insects or animals.
  2. The best thing that could be done by you to enhance the effectiveness of the motion sensors installed in your home and to prevent from the false alarms too is that you must read the instructions that come along with these motion sensors.
  3. To stop your sensors from getting tripped unnecessarily, keep the sensors 10-15 feet away from the heating equipment. Try not to fix the sensors where the sunlight shines in.
  4. Place the sensors at choke-points. Choke-points are the areas from where people have to walk through.
  5. These places may include the hallway. Put the motion sensors near the rooms where you have kept most of your valuables.
  6. Before placing the sensors at any place, walk through your complete house and observe that where there are the most chances for the intruders to enter the house.
  7. One more thing for you to keep in mind is that the normal motion sensors have the detection range of 50 and 80 feet. So place the sensors smartly.
  8. The best working of the motion sensor is at the time when the intruder is walking parallel to the sensor and not towards it.

Benefits of a Motion Sensors

  • If you really care about your home security and you want the best security system installed in your home, the best way is to use motion sensors in the security alert system.
  • Normal security systems have no such efficiency that they can stop burglars to enter your house.
  • The best way to prevent your house from intruders and to make it secure is the installation of motion sensors.
  • The sole purpose and the biggest benefit of installing a motion sensor are that it provides complete security to your house from intruders and burglars.
  • The motion sensors sense any unusual activity and then there is an alarm. This is the best way to secure your home.


  1. I find it fascinating that installing motion detectors can alert you when an intruder breaks into your home. My aunt worries about her new countryside home since she stored most of her prized musical instruments there. I should relay this idea to her to find a locksmith specializing in security systems someday.

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